Sunday, February 28, 2021

Law roundup: Unruly man knocks over displays

| February 16, 2021 12:00 AM

A rabble-rouser sporting a buzz cut and a blue hoodie was allegedly knocking store displays over, walking up and down aisles calling employees names and refusing to leave. He eventually left in a white truck by the time the Kalispell Police Department arrived.

Two old men were arguing in a parking lot after one reportedly backed his vehicle into the other’s vehicle. Eventually, they calmed down and exchanged insurance information.

A small truck was seen driving around Depot Park and spinning its tires, which threw ice on buildings; the truck then headed onto First Avenue East. Someone thought the two males in the truck were doing this in an attempt to impress girls.

Eggs were thrown at a house by someone who left in an older black pickup that headed onto Buffalo Hill Drive.

A later call came in about a truck parked on East California Street that was egged the previous night and the eggs had frozen onto the paint.

A woman wanted officers to view a damaged gate on her property, which she claimed was the second time an incident like this has happened in four days.

A frustrated, but polite, cellphone owner allegedly called 911 because he was having problems with the device. When he confirmed there was no emergency, dispatchers advised him to call his cellphone provider. They also gave him the phone number to call if there aren’t life-threatening emergencies occurring. He was apologetic.

A man reportedly threw his girlfriend down the stairs.