Sunday, February 28, 2021

Law roundup: Boy’s intense gaming mistaken for violence

| February 21, 2021 12:00 AM

Someone called the Kalispell Police Department because they allegedly thought someone was being hurt after hearing screaming, thumping and banging coming from a wall shared with their neighbor. Turns out, a boy was playing video games a little too enthusiastically.

A transient was reportedly drinking and blaring music to the dismay of others.

A man called the police and allegedly said he “accidentally tossed his girlfriend,” and she was saying she couldn’t move. Another woman at the scene, also called officers, claiming he “threw her into the wall,” because she had his phone. The callers were heard arguing with each other. The injured woman was transported to the hospital.

A man was sitting in his vehicle in the parking lot of an apartment complex when his ex-girlfriend reportedly showed up and started hitting and yelling at him and he asked her to “please get away from him,” and she went inside the apartment. Officers determined the incident was verbal only and the woman left on foot. He planned to call for a civil standby the next day.

A couple were reportedly going to trade in their vehicle but changed their mind. When they went to get the vehicle they found the license plates were missing.

Someone initially called police to report they were blocking in a truck with their vehicle because they thought a neighbor’s vehicle was being stolen. When the neighbor came outside, however, they began to think the vehicle was being repossessed instead.

Someone was concerned about a man’s welfare because he was outside in the cold asking people for rides in front of a store.

An air compressor locked to a toolbox by a cable was stolen.

Someone on U.S. 93 dropped off a load of trash at the landfill and left without paying. Flathead County Sheriff’s Office called the man who claimed he was distracted and forgot to pay, but he had another load to take in and would “square up” with them then.

A Hoffman Draw resident in Kila told deputies an upset woman, who looked to be 18 or 19, allegedly showed up, pounded on his door and asked to borrow his phone.

A Kalispell woman was reportedly being followed by a truck with a missing headlight that was towing a trailer. She told deputies she got scared and began driving faster and making random turns to lose the truck.

Two dogs were on a deer-chasing spree in the area of Texas Avenue in Whitefish.

A woman calling from Trumble Creek Road in Columbia Falls lost a black iPhone 8 while snowmobiling.

Someone was purportedly plowing snow onto a neighbor’s property in Columbia Falls.

A person holding a garbage bag was seen standing on the side of the road. Someone calling from Foys Lake Road in Kalispell thought the person looked lost and asked deputies to check on their welfare.