Sunday, February 28, 2021

Law roundup: Man holding bat hangs around corner

| February 22, 2021 12:00 AM

A driver called Kalispell Police Department because they were suspicious of a man standing by a corner who was reportedly holding a bat and pacing back and forth between a bank and store on South Main Street.

A transient allegedly set off an alarm at a coffee stand while an employee was counting money from the till and she felt he did this to get her outside the building.

Someone suspected a man in a black car was involved in a drug deal behind a store on U.S. 93 North.

A 7-year-old was reportedly seen roaming around a parking lot.

A man in a camo coat reportedly brought a dog into the mall without a leash. He refused to put a leash on it but eventually left in a white pickup. Someone asked officers to tell him he couldn’t return to the property.

Teenage boys in a black SUV were allegedly driving recklessly and almost sideswiped someone’s vehicle.

A man carrying a bag of paid items reportedly tried to push a cart of merchandise that wasn’t paid for outside a store on Hutton Ranch Road.

A man driving recklessly on 11th Street West allegedly swerved to avoid hitting vehicles and slammed on the breaks multiple times.

A man was reportedly asked to leave a store after he was seen walking back and forth inside. He went to the parking lot where he sat in his truck and someone wanted officers to move him along.

A bouncer called the police to report an intoxicated woman who was allegedly trying to get into different vehicles. The woman refused to identify herself to officers and declined a courtesy transport or medical assistance.

Children were reportedly going through a neighborhood ringing doorbells and running away.

Someone asked officers to check on an older woman who lived alone after hearing ongoing pounding noises for 30 minutes. The woman was just hanging photos on the wall and was OK.

A “drunk guy” allegedly hit a parked car.

A vehicle reportedly parked in a drive-thru and the owner was trying to open for the day.

A younger-looking man in a white pickup allegedly stole tools and a generator from a maintenance shop, according to someone calling Flathead County Sheriff’s Office from Saint Andrews Drive in Columbia Falls.

Two horses were spotted on the loose on Columbia Falls Stage Road in Columbia Falls.

Someone reportedly cut a lock off a storage unit on U.S. 2 in Columbia Falls.