Sunday, February 28, 2021

Law roundup: Woman warns something will happen to ‘punks’

| February 23, 2021 12:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department responded to a call from a woman who reportedly kept saying “something is going to happen” in a parking lot where “a bunch of punks” were spinning brodies because “she’s put up with it for too many years.” Dispatchers weren’t sure if she was making a threat toward the group of punks, but she hung up when asked to elaborate. Officers moved along three vehicles.

A woman said her keys were stolen at a location where she purportedly recalled “a very strange female was there holding an angel.” The woman, who was carrying the angel, was later seen reportedly holding keys and lying on the sidewalk, crying and rambling.

A woman’s upstairs neighbors were allegedly fighting and creating excessive noise, which was stressing her service dog. She said the stressed dog was excessively licking its paws until they bled.

Someone who was acting strange reportedly pulled into a parking lot and had needles in their vehicle.

A father allegedly went to the business of the guy his adult daughter was dating and threatened to shoot him and the manager. The parent reportedly denied making physical threats and agreed to leave them alone “from now on.”

A man in a vehicle was seen smoking a pipe and using a green propane torch to cook whatever the substance was, which concerned someone who thought he would drive away and get into an accident.

A man allegedly kept going into a bar to harass people and was trying to take pictures of everyone. An employee, who didn’t recognize the man, wanted him moved along.

A young man with a beard went to a motel where he pushed the screen out of a woman’s door and said someone beat him up. The woman told officers he was mumbling and she wasn’t listening because she didn’t care what he had to say. Police made contact with the man, who claimed he was punched in the face by a friend at an unknown house. He declined medical attention and didn’t want to pursue charges against the friend, but requested a civil standby to get his belongings once he recalled where the house was.

Someone requested officers check on a woman in a parking lot who looked distressed, but was unable to provide specifics. She turned out to be OK and went on her way.