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Letters to the editor Feb. 24

| February 24, 2021 12:00 AM

Impressed by vaccine clinic

I would like to express my thanks for all the volunteers and professionals who have worked at the fairgrounds giving Covid vaccinations. I was very impressed with the organization, politeness, caring of everyone helping there. It was very well done and kudos to all involved.

—Kathy Mentele, Kalispell

Kudos to Health Department

So often we hear about what’s wrong with government, be that at the local, state or national level. Here’s an example of a governmental agency that absolutely nailed it.

The Flathead County Health Department has absolutely gotten the Covid vaccination program right. I recently had my Covid shot. I found the process well-organized, fast and my questions were answered.

Kudos to the Flathead County Health Department. Keep up the good work!

—John Znamierowski, Kalispell

Community spirit in action

It will be a year ago next month that my husband and I had planned an exciting vacation in Europe. It had been a year since we were there for our grandson’s 6th birthday. Then Covid hit. We canceled our trip.

We, like all of us, are growing so weary of this virus and all the hardships and limitations it has caused. I feel so disconnected to the people and places in our community that we would normally visit, and I am saddened by the division that our country and our community is experiencing because of politics and the stress that the virus has put on us all.

That is why it has been an unexpected and profoundly heartwarming experience for me and my husband to be volunteering at the vaccine clinic at the county fairgrounds. It is the quintessential example of community spirit in action. The sense of camaraderie for a common goal is palpable and the dedication of the county employees is profound. These are truly our unsung heroes, and I feel grateful to be in that energy.

As a teacher friend of mine says, people don’t like being uncomfortable. After awhile we all start acting like an 8-year-old. We want to get our own way. I am very ready to get my own way and go see my 8-year-old grandson! But I am not 8. I am 70. I remember screaming when my mom took me to get the polio vaccine. I didn’t like it, but I didn’t get polio. That same teacher friend of mine wasn’t as lucky.

Governor Gianforte has chosen to lift the mask mandate and “trust Montanans with their health.” If my mom had trusted me with deciding if I wanted the polio vaccine I know what my decision would have been. But instead, she trusted the science.

The science tells us that if we wear masks out in public, wash our hands often, don’t hang out in a crowded environment for very long (if at all) and get the vaccine when it is our turn, we WILL be able to “get our own way.” It’s coming.

If you don’t believe me, go to the fairgrounds and just watch what’s happening at the vaccine clinic. You will be inspired and you may become part of the solution. Those county workers certainly are.

—Susan Cahill, Kalispell

Pet laws

If the people who’s dog was shot had kept their dog home, it would still be alive. It sure wasn’t the first time the dog was on the neighbor’s land.

—Judy Bell, Columbia Falls

Expert advice

In reference to Saturday’s letter from Teresa Farr stating erroneous information as fact:

Regarding her assertion that the CDC changed a criteria which raised the reported death toll by 10 fold, I found that the fact checking website investigated and determined the statement to be false. The conservative blog RedState retracted the story as false.

Regarding her assertion that the World Health Organization advised against relying on the PCR Covid test, said this: “Dubious websites and viral posts falsely claim that the World Health Organization changed COVID-19 testing protocols for political reasons following Joe Biden’s inauguration and admitted that false-positive cases had been inflating the case count. The WHO’s guidance merely reminded labs to follow instructions provided by each test’s manufacturer.”

Finally, Ms. Farr said “Let’s be less compliant to blindly follow the experts, especially now that we see hey really were not experts at all.” In other words, if your plumber suggest you have a serious problem with your pipes, and several plumbers agree, they’re all just “experts.” Ms. Farr suggests you just ignore’m. What could go wrong? If your doctor suggests immediate therapy for detected cancer, and other doctors agree, you can ignore them as well, apparently.

Experts learn as they go. Modify as they need to. And are our best bet, in areas of crisis, pandemics included, to give us our best shot at getting through it.  

—Leslie Brown, Kalispell

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