Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Grandson comes clean with granny’s cash

| January 1, 2021 12:00 AM

A youthful would-be fraudster had an idea to keep an envelope full of money his grandma inadvertently had dropped. He claimed the money had been left in the mailbox without an address on it. Fortunately, his conscience got the best of him and he reported the error of his ways.

An employer called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office seeking assistance because he was going to fire a worker the next day and was concerned because the person could be volatile. Fortunately, the termination went smoothly, but the person was thankful an officer was nearby.

A female white Lab has a knack for escaping from its owner and being taken to the county animal shelter.

One driver ran out of gas while another had a flat tire. Both got help and were on their way.

Some party-goers and their loud music at a bonfire drew the ire of a neighbor. They turned down the tunes when asked.

A suspicious white Chevy truck was seen, but it turned out to be a man delivering newspapers shortly after midnight.

A woman was sleeping inside her car, but she was OK and going to go back to her dad’s place for the evening.

After the tenants moved out, the owner was cleaning the garage and found a mailbox stuffed full of old dynamite. The explosive situation was defused when it was learned the dynamite sticks were road flares.

An enclosed, tow behind work trailer was dropped off in front of a person’s house. The man who dumped the trailer said he’d be back for it in a few hours. The owner of the company determined the trailer had been stolen.

A $1,000 red and light blue snowboard was stolen on Big Mountain.

Someone reported a person was walking on the side of the road and was concerned because of the cold temperature.