Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Hungry men have appetite for another man's groceries

| January 2, 2021 12:00 AM

Someone called the Kalispell Police Department and said he was bringing groceries in when four men in a tan vehicle allegedly tried to steal them. He said the people asked him if he had extra food, and when he said he didn’t and they became irate. He thought they may be on drugs.

A person arrived at a business and was upset over billing and payments, which prompted the employee to call 911.

Apparently, now even purses have the ability to make accidental 911 calls.

A woman called to report her neighbor for harassment. She also believes the neighbor stole her phone.

Someone in an apartment called and said she could hear a woman screaming at her kids. When an officer arrived, it was determined everyone was OK.

A man watched two other men eat at a local restaurant and leave without paying. He said they were wearing gray sweatshirts with beanies. They headed to Woodland Park and disappeared.

Someone reported hearing gunshots and was worried they were poaching. An officer who was also in the area reported hearing fireworks.

A possible stolen vehicle case turned out to be one of mistaken identity by a neighbor. The caller initially said someone had taken his car, which was left unlocked with the keys inside. But he later called back and said an older woman who drives the same car accidentally drove his and not hers.

Store employees couldn’t track down a ride for a stranded young woman, but she was going to head to the warming shelter for the night.

Someone lost her collarless dog, then called 911. A few minutes later, an animal control officer found the spaniel.

A woman reported her Durango was stolen. She said she had the keys with her, but there may have been a spare set inside.

A security person from a business reported hearing screaming at an ATM machine at a nearby bank. He thought they were homeless and he saw their belongings outside the door.