Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Letters to the editor Jan. 3

| January 3, 2021 12:00 AM

Uphold the Constitution

The Electoral College met on Dec. 14. Joseph Biden has over 270 votes to make him president elect. Multiple lawsuits have been filed and the election results have been upheld with no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

I am disappointed that state auditor Matt Rosendale has not publicly acknowledge president elect Biden‘s victory. I am especially bothered by Senator Steve Daines comment that Congress will ratify “a president“ in January. As an elected public official, the vested responsibility is to uphold the Constitution and serve the people, not to swear allegiance to any one person. I find this polarizing political gamesmanship very harmful to our democracy. We need to come together as Montanans and Americans. I encourage you to write your representatives.

—Karl Oehrtman, Kalispell

World class radio

For the last 30 years, I've traveled from Hungry Horse to the Shining Seas, working. I've listened to every classic rock, oldies, rock and roll radio stations between here and there, (sometimes, country western music), but I have to write, we are privileged to have world class radio stations and world class DJ's, like Rob, Doc, Benny, CJ, Jon and Robin, Brew and Freak, Davis, and all of the Flathead and Lake County DJ's, you are all the best of the best, nationwide.

Along with being the best DJ's, you represent radio stations that give you the freedom to have uncensored shows. That doesn't happen in most markets, and in most radio markets these days it's all about demographics. I'm grateful for B98, The Monster, KGEZ and the other stations (including the country western station), you all appear to operate with freedom.

In the mid 60s, I listened to the first FM Underground Radio Station, KMET. My fantasy was to be the late night FM Underground Love Doctor, I became a firefighter instead. I'm jealous.

Support our radio stations, and I think a day of recognition is in order. Our DJ's do a lot of community activities with the backing of the stations. Thank you Marconi and Flathead and Lake County radio stations. Programming would be better with The Late Night FM Underground Love Doctor.

—Brian Hattem, Hungry Horse

Voter IDs a poor solution

Jerry Fisher’s recent letter regarding voter ID is a poor solution in search of a problem. There has been no reliable, reputable evidence of any serious problems of election fraud. Lies, misstatements and unfounded conspiracies advocated by President Trump and his supporters are just that — lies, misstatements and unfounded conspiracies.

Nonetheless, Mr. Fisher’s solution of a national register would make Nazi Germany proud. Additionally, such a register would serve as a gold mine for today’s hackers to mine valuable information on all Americans.

But Mr. Fisher’s most grievous, but telling statement, is his reliance upon the myth of the notched military dog tags in support of his silly solution.

Like Mr. Fisher, I am a veteran as well as a military retiree. And like Mr. Fisher I remember the myth that military dog tags contained a “notch” in them so if you died in combat that your dog tag would be placed in your mouth and your jaw shoved or kicked to store your identity by shattering your teeth and disfiguring the face.

The American fighting men and women have a hell of a lot of more respect for their fallen comrades than jamming a notched dog tag into their mouth and slamming it shut. Like the myth of Trump’s stolen election, the myth of the notched dog tags reflects how people like Mr. Fisher are misled and will believe the most outrageous statements in support of their arguments.

While some military dog tags in the very distant past contained a notch, it simply represented where they were made. They were not used in the gruesome manner to disfigure a dead American military member, as Mr. Fisher erroneously suggests.

—Tom Muri, Whitefish

Is it worth it now?

I am angry. The special treatment afforded Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie and Ben Carson should be available to everyone.

We just lost a couple, here in Missoula, who had devoted their 59+ years to serving our community. The husband had been scouted by and chosen by the Boston Red Sox yet chose to serve in the Air Force. It was Vietnam. This couple had consistently helped the community through their store and service to our kids. Skip coached so many young folks that it would be impossible to list. Just know that this wonderful couple who died a month and a week apart served our community and our kids well and never asked for anything … not even recognition. True heroes whose family deserved to have that last decade with them.

When is everyone going to wake up? What if wearing that mask would have saved this one couple? Would it be worth it to you, now?

—Kim Halvorson, Clinton

America first

Tester and Daines can put the Water Compact through with another bill. They do not have to sacrifice the taxpayers of this country by overriding Trump’s veto. What a bunch of garbage.

Money to foreign nations in the billions and a tiny pittance to the poor people of this country that have ben destroyed by the virus. Please stand up for the people of this country. The pork needs to go.

You are sending our money to foreign countries and this country needs every single dime of those dollars. Have either of you though about infrastructure? That would create many jobs. Spend that money on things this country needs.

We are not long until we will be as poor as the people of Venezuela. And by the way, there is money for Venezuela in this bill. I am asking you to stand firm with our president and save American. I am an 80-year-old great-grandmother. I have seen America sacrifice and now you two are asking us to sacrifice this country? No way, if I have a say.

—Grace Larson, Kalispell