Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Letters to the editor Jan. 4

| January 4, 2021 12:00 AM

Tester should support audit

Montana is composed of honest people. They expect the people who represent them in the U.S. Congress to be the same. Specifically Sen. Jon Tester.

Because of the election dispute Jon Tester should join with those who want a fair and credible audit of the election results. It is time to quit playing politics and have some honest answers. If Jon Tester thinks it is OK to still play politics with this serious matter, he should be impeached because he will no longer be representing the people of Montana.

—Randall Lamphere, Ronan

GOP needs a new direction

So far 11 Republican U.S. Senators (including our very own Senator Daines) have said they will challenge some electoral college votes on Monday. What do they think they will accomplish with this? Are they all 2024 presidential hopefuls and looking to tap into the Trump supporters?

They certainly will create a split within their own party. Even Senator McConnell has asked them to think twice about that. The Republican Party needs direction that doesn’t come from the present president or the Senate majority leader.

—David LeBleu, Kalispell

A political stunt

Shame on you Sen. Steve Daines.You along with a handful of other members of the Trump cult intend to vote against accepting the results of the presidential election.

This political stunt you have signed on to will have no impact on the outcome of the election. Yes, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be formally inaugurated on Jan. 20. Your contrived rationale for joining this misfit gang as expressed by its leader, Ted Cruz, is to assure the integrity of elections and protect the democratic process. It is common knowledge that election commissions from the states in question, state legislators, federal election agencies, the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Justice Department, judges at all levels including the Supreme Court and an overwhelming majority of voters have determined this to be a fair and legal election.

One can only speculate then as to your true reasons for supporting this act of desperation. Power? Control? Personal enrichment? History will judge your actions and motives.

Montanans should be proud of their elected officials. Make us proud and not ashamed. Reconsider your support for this blatant political disregard of our constitutional government.

—Robert Slonaker, Lakeside

Virus relief bill

After finding out about the garbage in the latest supposed Covid relief bill, I am displeased (tactful word) that our three politicians voted yes. I called all three and expressed my non-tactful feelings toward all three.

The swamp is alive and well as they push a bill at the 11th hour to force a yes vote. They need to take care of all Americans who are hurting — not a sex study in Pakistan, not the stress level of a lizard on a treadmill, not the effects of taking a selfie, or the after- effects of a hot tub.

—Jack Sollars, Kalispell

Damaging our democracy

Dear Senator Daines,

Why are you joining a handful of Senators seeking to block the certification of Joe Biden’s victory? I had hoped you had more integrity and intelligence to evaluate the facts and not be swayed by baseless conspiracy theories? Do you really believe that Donald Trump won this election even though there is no evidence of significant voter fraud as clearly demonstrated by more than 60y court cases that were dismissed by judges, many appointed by Trump?

Why can’t you understand this farcical quest to overturn the election is seriously damaging to our democracy. Why do you remain in Trump’s iron clasp supporting his baseless attempt to instigate a nonexistent coup and destroy our democracy?

You must know your decision to question and audit the certified electoral results has no chance of succeeding and can only contribute to prolonged division in our country. Even worse, what if you and other like-minded politicians were able to overturn the results of an election by throwing out more than 20 million votes in six states? If this happened, again with no evidence, but simply to honor the President’s fears and difficulty accepting a loss, it really would destroy our democracy and steal the election.

Your self-serving action as a senator to question this election gives unsupported credibility and sews continued divisiveness by failing to accept our democratic process unless you get the result you want. Shame on you! You know better. Be a patriot and put your country first.

—Carol and John Santa, Marion