Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Unruly neighbors are ‘at it again’

| January 5, 2021 12:00 AM

Someone’s neighbors were “at it again,” when they reportedly heard yelling, screaming and banging noises. The person calling in the report to the Kalispell Police Department noted that officers had already been at the location earlier that day.

A restaurant manager told the police a homeless woman with a dog yelled at employees, left, then came back inside and threw food at them.

Extra patrol was requested in the area where a man lived because “his roommate is a meth addict,” who invites other drug users to stop by.

A teen wearing a beanie reportedly exposed himself to a woman. She told officers he was with three other teens who were hanging around a rock and yelling profanities at people walking by and thought they jumped a fence, heading toward East Center Street. Officers made contact with the teens and their parents.

A customer reportedly was ranting about having to comply with a mask mandate and tried to get in line with his family even though he was no longer welcome at the store.

A resident allegedly opened their garage door after hearing someone pounding on it to find no one there. When it occurred the second time, they called the police.

A security guard reportedly told officers there was a room with a lot of traffic and thought people were selling drugs after watching a “deal go down” in the parking lot.