Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Cyberbullying reported in Columbia Falls

| January 8, 2021 12:00 AM

A grandparent called the Columbia Falls Police Department to report her granddaughter was being cyberbullied on social media. A school counselor said not much could be done and the grandmother said she would try to speak with some of the parents of the bullies.

Someone called to report fraudulent charges on his credit card. He was instructed to call the fraud hotline.

A caller reported an open door near the shop class storage area at the school. An officer secured the door.

A person who was arrested for a DUI called to report some items were missing from the vehicle after it was towed.

A person who has called several times about a RV in a parking lot said she has someone willing to tow it. The police department was going to try and see who owned the vehicle.

Someone reported a young girl wearing flip flops was trying to warm her feet. A check by an officer determined she was happy and belonged in the neighborhood.

An anonymous complaint was received about a vehicle up on ramps with a front tire leaning on the back door of the vehicle. It was stickered for a 24-hour ordinance violation but snow around the vehicle indicated it had been more than 72 hours. An officer was going to follow up on the complaint.

A motorist drove a vehicle into a chain link fence, knocking over two sections.

A property manager, new to the job, accidentally set off an alarm, according to the property owner.

Someone armed with a Taser was afraid her relative may break into her home and assault her. She said he has drug issues. She said she lives with her sister and a nephew. She spoke to police about extra patrols near her home.

Several accidental 911 calls were received by Flathead County Dispatch. One came from a watch, another from a deactivated cellphone, one from a youngster playing with a phone, another from someone who wasn’t sure how he dialed the digits and another from the emergency button.

A caller wanted to report not receiving an item ordered on Ebay. A check with the delivery company indicated it went to a non-existent address in the Flathead. The seller sent it to the wrong person.