Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Vigilante advised not to stop man with machete

| January 9, 2021 12:00 AM

A man allegedly was spotted “waving a machete” in a vehicle. He reportedly threatened to “kill somebody” and drove toward a big box retail store. The caller followed him until Kalispell Police Department officers told the vigilante not to drive after the machete-wielding man.

A woman said her mother was being scammed. Her mother apparently gave out her bank information. The caller was given a phone number for a scam hotline.

Employees at a business were upset because transients had moved into their storage facility.

A man at a laundromat allegedly was yelling, but employees couldn’t figure out why he was upset. He was asked to leave and given directions to the Flathead Warming Center.

A dog lover called KPD because she could see the ribs on four dogs at a location. Animal control advised the police they were aware of the situation.

Someone finally reported the theft of his wallet, which took place on Dec. 27, 2020. He said the thief had started using his credit card.

A man apparently was being “uncooperative” after he was caught shoplifting, but then he changed his tune and started to cooperate with employees.

After her visitors tested positive for COVID-19, a woman asked the police for a ride to the hospital to get herself a test. She was advised to contact the hospital to see if they had any options for her.

A loaded gun was stolen from a vehicle.

A woman said another female driver almost ran her off the road after they both exited an ice cream drive-thru in Kalispell.

A small fire near a bridge in Kalispell was reported to multiple law enforcement agencies.

An apartment resident said dogs in the apartment below her had “gone crazy” three times in one hour. She said it was unlike the dogs to bark, so she thought they might be noticing some suspicious activity, but KPD officers found nothing out of the ordinary.