Tuesday, January 26, 2021

‘Gentleman’ caught urinating in bar gets angry

| January 12, 2021 12:00 AM

A manager “caught a gentleman” who allegedly urinated in the bar and told the Kalispell Police Department the apparently not-so-gentle man later tried to hit them with an SUV while they were leaving.

A woman told officers she was being stalked and harassed by someone who reportedly rushed at her with a metal bat. The woman said she barely made it safely indoors and worried about another bat attack if she went outside to smoke.

An employee wanted an officer to speak with one of the location’s regulars who had his shopping cart stolen, which contained “all his worldly possessions,” leaving him very distraught. Officers spoke with a man who purportedly hid the cart as a joke. The cart was returned and the man was happy.

A woman found a blue bicycle next to her porch and what she thought was a bag of crystal meth beside it and wanted officers to pick it up. The bicycle was retrieved for safekeeping and the suspicious bag slated for destruction.

A man was seen walking back and forth and muttering to himself for about 20 minutes, which prompted a resident to call the police.

A customer with disabilities allegedly was upset after seeing a truck parked in a handicapped spot without a tag, in addition to multiple vehicles parked in a fire lane. He wanted officers to be aware this was becoming a common occurrence, which made it hard for people like him who need to use the handicapped spaces.

Officers later counseled a driver on parking in a handicapped spot.

A woman wanted to report her wallet as stolen. She claimed the wallet was left inside a U-Haul that had been rented in her name and taken by her “now ex-boyfriend.”

A woman went to the police department lobby to pick up items for an inmate and when an employee went to assist her, she reportedly gave off a strong odor of alcohol.

Someone claimed to see items being thrown out of a second-story window where buildings were under construction and thought officers should check it out because they weren’t sure people were working at the late hour.

Three men reportedly were hanging out by a building and drinking while waiting for a friend who was shopping. They ignored a manager who told them drinking wasn’t allowed on the property. Officers moved them along.

An item that looked like a patio umbrella was creating a road hazard on the bypass.

A mailman called to report a man on a bicycle who was yelling, singing and hugging things.