Thursday, August 05, 2021

Law roundup: Woman fights for family’s taco night

| July 7, 2021 12:00 AM

A woman reportedly became belligerent with other drivers who asked her to move when she parked her vehicle in the roadway, waiting to turn into a fast-food restaurant because she had to get tacos for her family. She started screaming and cussing at people, including a man, who called the Kalispell Police Department to report the taco diva’s behavior.

Someone claimed their out-of-control girlfriend was high on mushrooms and spit on them. The woman thought differently, however, telling officers she was fine and would “chill out for the night.”

Although a man was a friend of someone, he was reportedly no longer welcome at their house and when he showed up intoxicated, the person, who had also been drinking, called the police asking officers to formally advise him he couldn’t come onto the property. The man was heard in the background saying he was leaving.

Officers made contact with a highly intoxicated parent and his son in the garage of a residence where a vehicle parked in the driveway reportedly matched the description of a truck someone saw swerving and going off the road a few times before turning into the subdivision. Both parties were counseled.

A man allegedly stole a DVD or video game from a location and put the items in the waistband of his shorts before heading toward the highway on foot.

A man in a truck that was still running, but parked on the side of the road, partially blocking traffic, was not responsive to someone knocking on the window.

Dispatchers received many complaints about fireworks, including one caller who alleged their drunk neighbor was setting them off in a school parking lot. Another caller claimed his neighbor’s display was giving his father anxiety.

A man reportedly slapped his wife’s face, went by a road and screamed and then started running toward her.

A woman allegedly saw three to four teens get out of an SUV and run up to a neighbor’s fence, kicking the panels. She told officers there were multiple residences in the neighborhood that had had fences kicked in.

Dispatchers answered a 911 call where a woman said, “Hello, I am trying to call … oh God,” before disconnecting.

A woman seen wandering around on Timberlane Terrace in Lakeside appeared to a passerby to be disoriented. Flathead County Sheriff's Office made contact with the woman who said she was just walking around and was fine.

A wave runner was found floating around with no owner in Lakeside. Arrangements were made for the owner to pick it up.

An empty kayak floated past someone’s house in Columbia Falls. There were reportedly no signs that anyone had fallen out of it or was looking for it.

A green laser allegedly was pointed at the cockpit of a plane in Kalispell.