Monday, November 29, 2021

Law roundup: Neighbors’ bizarre behavior concerns woman

| July 8, 2021 12:00 AM

A woman’s neighbors allegedly were exhibiting odd behavior and she decided to list off the reasons why to Kalispell Police Department when she saw about 10 people outside the residence, most of whom, she said, were awake all through the night. She alleged a woman was screaming obscenities and talking to vehicles with no one inside and someone was randomly swinging a tire iron around in the air. In general, people were always wandering around talking to the air and acting weird.

Eight kids reportedly yelled at a woman who asked them to stop lighting off bottle rockets. The whippersnappers were gone by the time officers arrived.

A man wearing a pink jacket and blue pants allegedly took a child’s white bicycle and left a park.

A mother claimed a man wearing “Fourth of July clothes” tried to kidnap her daughter when he scooped her up after asking personal questions about her. The man put the child down when she confronted him.

A short heavyset man won’t be going on that summer camping trip when his attempt to steal a tent and six-pack of beer failed, according to a store security employee who said he took off when confronted. The employee wanted to press charges if officers located him.

A woman allegedly punched a man in the face when he tried to block her from leaving and then took her child from her. Parties were separated and officers stood by as he retrieved his belongings.

A woman with a cast on one hand rode a bicycle to a gas station where she hit someone and also may have lit paper on fire, which she threw.

A woman took off to Hawaii and left a dog alone in her apartment for two days.

Someone drove past a woman staggering along the road and asked officers to check on her welfare. Officers made contact with the woman, who declined assistance, saying she was just out for a walk.

A welfare check was requested for a man seen lying in an alley and either staggering around or walking with a limp. Officers were unable to locate a man matching the description.

A man claimed he saw needles by a campsite down the hill from his backyard. He wanted to know the process for moving the people along because “it felt weird” to have someone camping close to his backyard.

A woman wanted officers to let her son know he was not welcome upstairs when he threatened her and banged on the walls. Officers advised her she would need to go through the eviction process.

A man’s very intoxicated brother tried to break into his house after tearing out an air conditioning unit.

A possibly high woman was seen packing stolen items in her bags in front of a store.

A man wearing all black clothes, hat and backpack was hanging out in front of a store looking in vehicles and staring at a mailbox for a few minutes before heading behind the building.

An ex-employee was caught on security cameras breaking into a business and stealing cash.