Thursday, August 05, 2021

Law roundup: Fashion faux pas is least of man’s offenses

Daily Inter Lake | July 9, 2021 12:00 AM

A man wearing a dress on top of pajama bottoms was reported to the Kalispell Police Department after he allegedly took his pants down and touched himself inappropriately at the front counter of a store.

A man reported he was going to his mailbox when a dog attacked him. He sprayed the dog with pepper spray, but he wasn’t bitten.

A 3-year-old got locked in a car for five minutes before a neighbor broke the window and freed the child.

A man made strange assumptions about someone’s gender and sexuality after the subject showed up at the caller’s door with a trash can. The individual allegedly asked for water, then tried to enter the caller’s house, so the homeowner shoved the unwelcome guest back out and they went on their way.

A different suspicious character allegedly was beating on the walls of a business and “trying to come into the store with a stick.”

A woman on a bike accidentally dialed 911.

A man with a green bag tried to break into a house. He was cited and released.

A man said a woman “was doing drugs” at a gas station with children in her truck. She sped away toward a grocery store, almost hitting a few vehicles on her way.

A front-desk employee said a man was yelling because his room wasn’t ready.

A man said his ex refused to leave the house. She reportedly spat at the caller and tried to enter through his windows.

Two people appeared to be “screaming obscenities” in front of a woman’s house. The caller suspected they were the same people who sat in her front yard a week earlier.