Thursday, August 05, 2021

Law roundup: Woman takes movie night to the extreme

| July 12, 2021 12:00 AM

A woman may have gone too far to make movie night happen when she was reportedly suspected by a former roommate of breaking into their apartment and taking several movies and other items. She may have also wanted the former roommate to sweat it out when they told the Kalispell Police Department they found the power cord to their fan cut and window blinds on the floor.

A drive-thru customer purportedly witnessed a man attacking another man on Idaho Street, who left on foot. The other man drove off in a truck.

Someone in a blue pickup allegedly threw a stop sign and pole into someone’s backyard on Brook Drive. The resident also found other road signs and was not sure if the person dug up the sign or knocked it down.

A woman’s suspicions were raised when she reportedly drove by a man hiding in the weeds, who was taking off his shirt. The man came out of the weeds and ran through someone’s backyard and hopped over the fence on Zimmerman Road, which was captured on a security camera. The man was allegedly suspected of being involved in burglary and shoplifting incidents and a hit-and-run crash in a stolen vehicle.

A very upset woman reportedly called 911 and hung up. She then told dispatchers she left the hospital because “she didn’t know what they wanted her to do,” and was trying to walk home and wanted a ride.

A father’s inebriated and out-of-control son was allegedly pulling and twisting arms, pushing, shoving and threatening him and his wife. The disorderly behavior may have begun after the father took away his son’s keys when he tried to leave.

A man lost a tire off his truck and it was stuck in a center lane of traffic. He called officers when he was unable to get a tow.

A woman claimed she didn’t have enough money to get a ride after her vehicle broke down and wanted a ride back to the Middle Fork.

A man reportedly blocked his wife from leaving a location and locked herself in the bedroom, which he opened. Parties agreed to calm down.