Thursday, August 05, 2021

Law roundup: Pillow fight, or romantic night?

| July 15, 2021 12:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department issued citations and released two men trying to steal pillows, candles and other items valued at $207.

A woman’s ex showed up at her boyfriend’s house looking for a fight. The boyfriend told police he felt threatened when the man came down the driveway to harass them after being told not to, so he grabbed his rifle and kept it pointed up when the ex asked him to fight him. Eventually, the ex left in an old, beat-up red car.

A man in a big blue van purportedly was staring at a woman and began following her when she drove away, but she eventually lost him.

Four flower pots were reported stolen.

A woman reportedly assaulted a bartender and another customer, then left in a white Volkswagen Jetta.

Someone thought a man in a wheelchair in the middle of the road looked lost and requested officers check on his welfare.

A woman alleged her friend stole her iPhone from her vehicle.

A mother had a scare when she thought her toddler got out of the house, however, she checked her house again to make sure he wasn’t still inside and found him.

A store employee called officers after a man who ran away from law enforcement during an earlier incident said he was on his way back to get his car.

A casino employee told police they saw an infant-style car seat with a blanket pulled up over it and thought a baby was left unattended in a running vehicle for more than three hours.

Columbia Falls Police Department moved along a belligerent man on Tamarack Lane who allegedly aimed a can of bear spray in the direction of an officer coming down the hill of a gravel pit to respond to a report that he had a campfire going. Officers had contact with the man the previous day for the same type of behavior and kept their distance to allow the man to gather his belongings and leave without escalating the situation.

A woman saw two people trying to break swings at a park near a location where she saw flames and embers from a small fire.

Someone on Nucleus Avenue complained about noise from semi-trucks speeding along U.S. 2 East.

A Seventh Avenue resident reportedly unplugged their stove and evacuated the house when smoke started filling the kitchen. A short was the possible cause of the smoke.

A family and neighbor in a 12th Street duplex evacuated the residence after a gas company was called in to check on a gas odor they smelled over a week in the area of a hot water heater.

A bunch of cows showed up in a woman’s yard on Silver Raven Road in Bigfork and she was concerned they would wander into the highway and would be hit because it was dark out.

A man on Woodland Drive in Kalispell lost a collectible coin valued at $1,700 he thought he left on the tailgate of his truck and advised Flathead County Sheriff’s Office deputies he also reported the lost coin to Kalispell Police the previous week.

A man was dumping garbage all over the southeast side of a bridge. Deputies told him to pick up his mess.