Thursday, August 05, 2021

Law roundup: Former rescue vehicle needs a rescue

| July 17, 2021 12:00 AM

Someone called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office in search of an agency that would tow a decommissioned ambulance with two flat tires stuck near Polebridge.

An alleged squatter on Delrey Road in Whitefish told a woman who was walking past, “a beautiful woman like herself shouldn’t be out walking alone.”

Two dogs swam in a Whitefish pond until their owner retrieved them.

Someone with a barking dog problem reported “we’ve had to keep a bark log for seven days and we’re about 14 days into it.”

A Lakeside woman called the police because she said law enforcement left her a message but she didn’t know how to access it.

A Columbia Falls woman said she lost her cat and two months later a man adopted a cat that she thought might be her missing animal. She tried to talk to the man, but he apparently “did not show interest in showing her the cat.”

A man on Hungry Horse Reservoir said he was stranded in a boat and then his phone disconnected. Fortunately, he made it to an island and the boat was recovered.

A woman who said she was “not from the area” was worried about fireworks being set off.

A driver in Kalispell struck a bear with their vehicle.

A van parked on a bridge for 20 minutes. The driver was allegedly asked to move the vehicle, but refused.

A man in Kalispell was reported for camping in his van for over a week. However, he explained the vehicle was broken down and he was planning to move it. The officer who investigated the report said there “were no signs of camping in the vehicle.”