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Letters to the editor July 26

| July 26, 2021 12:00 AM

Nurses deserve respect

Most people do not accept a job hoping to be at loggerheads with their employer. In fact they hope for a decent wage, fair treatment, to make a difference and to be appreciated.

When that does not happen, it is not because a union came in and caused trouble. Most employees would prefer not to have to be in a union. Unions do not cause poor management. Poor management causes workers to unionize in order to get treated with respect.

I don’t know the details of Logan Health versus the nurses, but I know that most nurses are very wonderful people and they deserve respect from their employer.

—Gerry Hurst, Marion

No more excuses

Those Montanans who were afraid or cautious of getting vaccines should now go out and get it taken care of. Over 400,000 Montanans have been vaccinated safely. No more excuses.

Maybe you believe that you are in a remote area and will not be exposed to the disease. People travel — Glacier Park gets folks from all over the world. You will be exposed eventually.

Do you remember a Star Trek episode where all the adults died of a disease and the world was run by children? When they aged to adult, they too would die. It is our responsibility to provide a safe environment for children to grow in. By adults getting vaccinated, it will stop the spread of this Covid-19 illness.

I want you to be safe, but it is not all about you. Do it for the kids. Do it today.

I notice that Flathead County is getting a lot of new cases, I care about this because you are my home county.

—Connie Forbes, Helena

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