Saturday, June 12, 2021

Law roundup: Woman enraged by flashing lights

| June 2, 2021 12:00 AM

A verbal disturbance ensued between the occupants of two vehicles when a woman allegedly followed a man from a store parking lot to a drive-thru line and pulled up next to him, yelling. The man claimed the verbal disturbance began when she got upset that he flashed his lights trying to signal his location to his daughters in the store parking lot.

A night manager called the Kalispell Police Department to report three young boys who allegedly threw branches and bark, or mulch, at an employee driving a forklift and then ran away. The employee was not hit or hurt. The manager wanted to be contacted about the incident after law enforcement searched the area.

Someone was concerned about the safety of a boy driving a gas go-kart in fast loops around the area because he was difficult to see on the road and thought he might get hit.

A bald man with glasses, who was sipping an energy drink, went into a business looking for an employee’s coworker. When the employee said the coworker was not there, he allegedly said “I guess I am going to have to go mass shooting then,” and left. The employee told police they had video footage of the suspect.

An Uber driver called officers alleging an extremely drunk man was trying to drive off after backing into them and people on the scene were attempting to keep him from leaving. The man then began yelling at everyone and tried to leave again. The drunk man was taken to the hospital to get his blood drawn.

A man’s ex-girlfriend reportedly pounded on his door, took his car keys and left in a minivan. The woman claimed she lived in her van and worked at a gas station. Officers located the keys and returned them to their rightful owner.

Kids purportedly messed with a duck that someone reported injured near the main entrance of a park.

A man wearing shorts and a baseball cap was thirsty enough to steal a drink from a store and was seen imbibing it at Depot Park. The store manager wanted him banned from returning.

Someone was going “really slowly” up and down streets, snooping around in a neighbor’s yard and taking pictures.

An employee called officers needing a woman removed from a room after being asked to leave several times. They called back to cancel the request after she finally left.

A woman with service dogs had issues with another woman living in her apartment complex whose dog was never leashed and its ongoing attempts to attack her service dogs.

A chocolate Lab on the lam dodged someone’s attempt to catch it and was gone by the time police arrived.

A brother playing a joke on his sibling allegedly called and hung up on 911.

A woman reportedly tracked the iPhone she left at a laundromat.

A store recovered merchandise that a woman and a man, who was missing a couple of teeth, allegedly tried to steal before fleeing the scene.