Saturday, June 12, 2021

Law roundup: Animals have heyday exploring valley

| June 3, 2021 12:00 AM

A parrot reportedly flew into an Evergreen Drive resident’s yard. The resident brought the exotic bird inside and called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office about what to do with it. He was advised to call area pet stores to see if they would take it.

A brown calf was running along the shoulder of Montana 40 in Columbia Falls. A second caller reported seeing the calf on Meadow Lake Boulevard.

A “big black bull” was standing in the middle of Helena Flats Road and traffic reportedly was pushing the bull southward. The bull eventually returned home.

A man on Middle Road in Columbia Falls lost a mule that was later located.

Five horses took off running down Old Creek Road, according to a caller on Pleasant Valley Road in Marion.

Someone on Deer Creek Road in Somers found a young steer in their yard and wasn’t sure where it came from because none of the neighbors had steers.

Large black dogs reportedly were running loose on Whitefish Village Drive in Whitefish and someone, who wanted to remain anonymous, wanted deputies to talk to the dogs’ owner. The owner was frustrated by the deputy’s presence and lost his cool when he said his “(Expletive)” dogs had not been off his property.” Deputies advised the person calling in the report to start taking photos.

In non-animal news, someone on Second Street in Kalispell told deputies they dropped a cigarette butt on the ground at Woodland Park and the grass caught on fire, but smoldered and went out.

A customer allegedly found a card skimmer attached to a gas pump card reader on Montana 35 in Bigfork and brought it to employees.

A pile of clean small girl’s clothing was found in bushes off a parking area by a man cleaning up garbage who thought it was odd and didn’t feel comfortable removing it.

Video footage allegedly caught someone stealing a log splitter on Montana 40 in Columbia Falls.

Two trucks parked in a Kalispell dance academy parking lot were reported by a neighbor who told deputies people in the trucks appeared to be working on them and living in them. The neighbor allegedly saw one of the men taking a shower outside. Officers made contact with the people who claimed to be having vehicle problems and said they would move the trucks. License plates on one of the vehicles were removed and the man was advised of his warrant.

About 15 gallons of regular unleaded fuel spilled on Halfmoon Road in Columbia Falls.

A vehicle was reportedly ransacked on Welf Lane in Kalispell but nothing of value was stolen. The vehicle owner was encouraged to start locking her vehicle and she requested extra patrol.

Someone broke into a truck on State Park Road in Whitefish and stole a camera. It was unknown if the vehicle was locked.