Saturday, June 12, 2021

Law roundup: Man threatens person with a thumping

| June 7, 2021 12:00 AM

A bald man was reportedly outside blasting music in his truck and when someone asked him to stop he replied, “You’re lucky I don’t thump you.” Later, the man went over to the person’s house, banged on the door and threatened to beat them up.

Someone requested extra patrol from Kalispell Police Department because they were having issues with “unsavory subjects” hanging around the area.

A shirtless man was allegedly stumbling around a house and looking through the windows.

Someone’s friend allegedly began spraying the inside of the person’s vehicle with water.

An unlocked vehicle was allegedly ransacked and the doors left open causing the battery to go dead while the owner was working.

A man with a long gray mullet was reportedly wandering around Main Street yelling, screaming, singing, preaching, and talking politics, which someone thought was scaring away customers and wanted him moved along. Officers allegedly advised him not to block access to, or yell at people coming and going from businesses, otherwise he was within his First Amendment rights.

A woman wearing fishnets reportedly went into a casino and was asked to leave. An employee, who thought she was on drugs, told officers she tried to steal from the adjacent gas station and the items were recovered, yet she still refused to leave.

A man wearing camo shorts, long white socks and sunglasses allegedly ditched a stolen trashcan containing tiles in a shopping cart in a store vestibule before fleeing the scene.

A woman was reportedly yelling and screaming by the side of the courthouse and there was stuff dumped all over the sidewalk.

A motorcycle owner told officers that people stopped by inquiring about his bike and things were “getting weird” when he saw an SUV driving through the alley without its lights on twice, believing someone might be trying to steal it.