Saturday, June 12, 2021

Law roundup: Caller worried about ducklings crossing the road

| June 11, 2021 12:00 AM

Someone at a ranch supply store in Kalispell called the Kalispell Police Department because she saw a “duck with babies trying to cross the highway.” She warned the 911 dispatcher, “cars [were] not stopping.”

Two unauthorized vehicles were parked at an electric vehicle charging station. A caller asked for the cars to be moved, but he said he didn’t want them “charged” — presumably referring to the drivers and their offense.

A man said he saw three different vehicles in an alley during a single day. He said the occupants of one vehicle seemed “suspicious and startled.” He was “concerned they were doing drugs.”

An accidental caller said she didn’t “know of any issue.”

A property owner was suspicious that someone was trying to break into her residence, because a vehicle was left there with a dog inside it.

Another dog apparently hopped out of a car and its owners didn’t notice. They eventually returned to pick up the missing pooch.

A female driver in a silver Range Rover allegedly hit a man on a longboard. He was apparently able to walk to a store to report the incident.

A woman called because her daughter lost her iPhone.

A man with his “hands full of things” was “yelling and arguing with someone” in a parking lot.

A homeowner said an unfamiliar vehicle was parked in front of her house. She said it “looked hazy and smelled like weed,” but when officers responded, the vehicle was unoccupied.

A man thought he heard a gunshot, but it turned out his neighbor, who had been working on his car, blew out his carburetor.