Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Law roundup: Trusting visitor gets cars confused

| March 5, 2021 12:00 AM

A visitor in Columbia Falls mistakenly put his luggage into the trunk of a car that resembled his rental vehicle. The lookalike car drove away with the man’s belongings, but he told the Columbia Falls Police Department he managed to track his phone inside the car and find his misplaced items.

A man who “adamantly” refused to disclose his name told the police he was just a “good citizen” who wanted to talk to law enforcement.

A caller claimed a white passenger car parked in the middle of the roadway on Nucleus Avenue and almost caused “several accidents.” The owner apparently moved the car, which had really only been parked “partially in the roadway.”

A cat found itself approximately 40 feet up in a tree on Fourth Avenue in Columbia Falls. The caller said he would put out cat food to try to lure the feline back to the ground.

A driver on Columbia Drive reportedly left his older truck unlocked and someone went through it overnight but didn’t appear to steal anything.

A juvenile male thief in Columbia Falls reportedly stole a cellphone that also contained a person’s credit card information. The phone eventually was recovered.

A Jeep on Eighth Avenue was reported by a bus driver for failing to stop when the bus lights were activated.

Somebody on Third Avenue in Columbia Falls thought it was “suspicious” a “tow truck” was parked there for three days. It turned out the vehicle was a regular pickup truck, not a tow truck, and, what’s more, it was parked legally.