Monday, April 12, 2021

Law roundup: Video holds proof of poop perpetrator

| March 26, 2021 12:00 AM

A woman told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office she recorded video footage of her neighbor throwing all of his dog poop over his fence and into her yard.

A devoted girlfriend called after her boyfriend failed to return home from work. She apparently called him, checked with his friends and relatives, and drove past his residence, looking for his truck, but couldn’t find him anywhere. He eventually made it home.

A man suspected someone had tried to break into his storage unit, even though nothing was missing. He was allegedly “unsatisfied” at the Sheriff’s Office’s “inability to maintain a constant presence at the storage facility.”

Someone in Kalispell thought their neighbor’s German shepherd was either “vicious” or “overly friendly,” because the dog always goes charging up to the neighbor.

A man told the Columbia Falls Police Department he sold a puppy to a woman who failed to pay the total cost of the sale and then refused to give the dog back.

A motorist was reported for driving a white Subaru into oncoming traffic on U.S. 2.

A fight broke out at a residence on Ninth Street in Columbia Falls. The altercation reportedly involved five men, one with a gun and others with knives. The gun, at least, was eventually removed from the quarreling parties and some of them went their separate ways.

A nervous woman said she “felt like she kept seeing someone walk by her window out of the corner of her eye.” She also noticed her gate was open, but when she checked again, it was closed.