Monday, April 12, 2021

Law roundup: Woman in yoga pants get fit fleeing store

| March 28, 2021 12:00 AM

A woman clad in yoga pants got some exercise when she reportedly took off running from a store and then got into an SUV that sped away and ran a stop sign. The store told Kalispell Police Department she no longer had any items on her when she fled, but they still wanted her banned from the property.

Guests reportedly overstayed their welcome at an establishment and an employee wanted an officer to tell them to leave after several attempts to contact them were met with excuses.

An employee let go from their position at a store allegedly stole $2,200 worth of merchandise.

An extremely intoxicated man was lying in an alley by the back door of a business that wanted him moved along and requested they advise him he couldn’t return to the property.

A tenant alleged there were homeless people on the property and was suspicious because items had been stolen out of the garage where residents parked. They noted that many tenants didn’t want them there. Officers made contact with the two people who had already moved along and told police they were visiting a friend and weren’t up to anything suspicious.

Someone contacted the police after a neighbor reportedly hit their vehicle a couple of days ago but hadn’t yet provided insurance information.

Someone requested a welfare check on a man who was allegedly twitching on a sidewalk.

Someone allegedly told police a sibling came into their residence and chased them. The sibling had since left, but they remained scared of him and requested he be advised he couldn’t be on the property.

Someone requested a welfare check on a man seen lying on some grass near a bank and noted that it looked like he dropped some pizza boxes.

Dispatchers called back a phone number related to a 911 hangup and a man answered, saying he didn’t dial 911 and was purportedly hesitant about answering their questions.