Monday, April 12, 2021

Law roundup: Man ‘not in his right mind’ hits pole

| March 31, 2021 12:00 AM

Someone watched a man back a purple car into an electrical pole and drive on the wrong side of the road before heading southbound on Woodland Avenue in Kalispell. It didn’t appear the pole was damaged, but the passerby told the Kalispell Police Department they thought the driver was “not in his right mind,” and was possibly under the influence of drugs.

A bartender called the police to file a report after a man punched a window, shattering it. The man was calm when officers arrived and medics checked lacerations on his hand and wrist.

A man in a red Suburban allegedly ran over a woman in a parking lot and drove away on 14th Street East. A passerby checked on the woman, who was sitting up and crying. When officers arrived, she reportedly refused medical treatment, was uncooperative and walked away.

Two men were arguing and yelling at each other by a counter at the front of the store, but then began “talking it out,” according to a customer calling in the incident. By the time the men left the store, they were purportedly acting friendly toward each other.

A youth called police after being shoved by rude kids who were underage and smoking.

Someone thought a bearded man appeared to be dragging a woman out of a car and told officers the man currently was standing outside the vehicle at her door while she sat inside.

A woman claimed law enforcement was just in the area, however, a disorderly person returned to the scene to call her obscenities and then left in a black truck.

A passerby allegedly woke up a man who was slumped over in the driver’s seat of a green truck, which was pulling a boat. The man got out of the vehicle and walked around, but the passerby was concerned he might be on drugs because he had sores all over his face.

A reckless driver in a black dually truck reportedly caused someone with a car full of kids to swerve in order to avoid a collision. They thought the truck started following them so they turned to get away.

A branch manager allegedly told officers a homeless person was sleeping in the lobby and wanted them moved along.

A stray orange and white cat purportedly followed children to school and was bothering them, so a school administrator captured the cat, which was taken to the shelter, to avoid a possible animal bite.