Saturday, May 15, 2021

Law roundup: No place like home for armed roommate

| May 1, 2021 12:00 AM

A disgruntled roommate was reported to the Kalispell Police Department for showing up outside a residence with a firearm at 3 a.m.

Someone with a history of 911 hangups could be heard on a call pushing buttons and most likely trying to end another accidental call.

A man who previously made “threats to a government agency using a gun” warned another man he would “punch him in the face” if the other man, a former coworker, showed up at the first man’s house. Surprisingly, the pair agreed to work out their differences “civilly.”

A man on Main Street in Kalispell was reported to the police for “yelling” and “tripping.”

Someone reported a dog “locked in a car [with] no windows down.” The caller failed to mention the sunroof of the vehicle was wide open.

A neighbor ripped down a woman’s fence and their “aggressive” dog went into the woman’s yard. After contact from officers, the neighbor promised to “try to fix the fence.”

A woman said her apartment neighbor “screams at all times of the night.” She also said, “the male has been in trouble in the past for shooting off his guns in an unsafe manner.” However, he promised he would try “to curb foul and loud language in the future.”

A late caller told the KPD about a telephone pole that was hit by a vehicle two days after the incident.

A truck on U.S. 93 was allegedly “swerving back and forth through traffic,” but law enforcement got in touch with the driver and said there was “no impairment found.”

A woman in a parking lot was “barking and yelling at no one.”