Saturday, May 15, 2021

Law roundup: Man reports stolen electric blankie

| May 2, 2021 12:00 AM

A man allegedly called Kalispell Police Department to report his electric blanket was stolen “from the outside of his car” during the night.

A man in a maroon shirt on a bike was reportedly seen grabbing an unleashed dog by the neck, slamming it to the ground and placing his knee on its head.

A black truck with a green ratchet strap hanging out the back was reportedly swerving and speeding. The hostile driver flipped someone off for driving at the speed limit.

A man alleged a dog that killed his chickens last year had jumped the fence to his chicken coop. The dog owner received a citation for “dog at large.”

Someone’s attention was drawn to a truck when they heard it honk reportedly saw a woman’s head resting on the steering wheel. A man sitting in the bed of the truck got out and didn’t seem concerned she was either passed out or sleeping.

Children purportedly told their mother a 13- or 14-year-old boy was at the park with a knife, which she told police. She then said it might have been a multi-tool and was “not getting the full story from her kids.” Officers checked out the area and nothing appeared out of the ordinary.

A gray vehicle “with smoke coming out the window” was reportedly swerving all over Main Street. The person calling in the reckless driver said the vehicle appeared to have four adult occupants and a child in a car seat.

A small gray leather walled with an RFID case containing cards was reported lost.

Someone went to the police department lobby with questions about tenant rights after receiving an eviction notice. Their questions were answered.