Saturday, May 15, 2021

Law roundup: Man claims road rage incident was a hate crime

| May 3, 2021 12:00 AM

A man told Kalispell Police Department he was driving on North Meridian Road when a vehicle drove around him, slammed on his brakes and pulled into a store parking lot. The man said he made contact with the driver who began yelling at him, calling him a Californian. He felt the road rage incident was a “hate crime” and wanted a phone call.

A man was allegedly hit in the head with a gun by a neighbor while at an apartment giving condolences.

Someone purportedly called 911 to request a welfare check on an officer sitting on the side of the bypass because “he was not pulling over speeders.”

Store security reportedly escorted a disorderly woman with a large backpack out of a store who got upset and started approaching customers in the parking lot, trying to get into vehicles.

A bicyclist was allegedly honked at repeatedly by a woman driving a gold minivan who slowed down to yell and swear at them that she had the right of way.

Five boys were reportedly urinating in a parking lot and throwing rocks.

Three kids were allegedly seen on top of the rooftop of a school. All three were picked up by their parents and the information forwarded to a school resource officer to follow up on.

Someone claimed they saw underaged teens drinking and driving up and down Main Street in a truck with flags on the back.

Four vehicles were allegedly speeding and kicking rocks up that were damaging other cars.

A passerby claimed a woman was passed out in the driver’s seat of a running SUV, which was parked awkwardly, and her foot on the brake. The passerby said they didn’t stop and didn’t know her name, but noted it was an ongoing issue.

A bar patron requested a welfare check on a man in the back parking lot who appeared to have drunk too much and didn’t seem to be really responsive.

A man’s in-law purportedly kept stopping by and his wife had to tell them the couple wanted nothing to do with them. Officers let the wife’s mother know not to return to their property.

A parent allegedly went to pick up his son’s scooter at a church and had an interaction with a strange man hanging out behind bushes near the front doors. Although the parent wasn’t the property owner he wanted officers to move the man along claiming he was trespassing and was “not a member of the church” because they had “never seen him before,” yet did not articulate any threats or crimes being committed. The man was gone by the time officers arrived and nothing appeared disturbed or damaged.

A welfare check was requested for a man someone reportedly saw lying on the side of the road, at the corner of a church, who was having a conversation with himself. They were concerned he would be run over by a vehicle turning the corner. The man then got up and was “giving a book to a car.” The man was given a ride to a shelter.

A woman was concerned about her roommate’s cat because he had been gone about a month and left the feline locked it in a bedroom. and she wasn’t sure if he was checking on it during the day. Officers made contact with the man who said he was checking on his cat periodically while away housesitting and would speak to his roommate about it.

Two inmates reportedly got into a fight and one of them wanted to press charges. The victim was taken to the hospital.

A customer in a parking lot allegedly thought a woman wearing pink shorts was “not acting normal.”