Saturday, June 12, 2021

Law roundup: Unruly girls lob profanities from the forest

| May 28, 2021 12:00 AM

Four girls were allegedly sitting in a wooded area “harassing people.” A woman who was apparently upset by the activity told the Kalispell Police Department the young women were yelling profanities. Their parents were made aware of their daughters’ unruly behavior.

A man in a burnt orange van was reported to the police for sitting in his vehicle, talking to himself and shaking his head. He reportedly had vehicle trouble and promised to move within the hour.

A dog with a camouflage collar was fortunately able to be spotted while it ran on U.S. 93 with another dog. Both were taken to a dog daycare facility before being impounded at the Flathead County Animal Shelter.

A man who said he had felt “confused lately” told officers he thought he was “going septic” and then hung up.

A Kalispell woman who couldn’t find her phone somehow managed to call 911 accidentally on the missing device.

Someone said he had more information about a potential fraud case he had previously reported, but according to an officer’s assessment of the new material, there was “still no crime.”

A blue Cadillac Escalade slowly drove through a neighborhood and an occupant took photos of the houses on the street.

A man who sounded intoxicated called the police and said a woman’s name over and over before hanging up.

A property manager thought a skateboarder was “being a nuisance” and asked law enforcement to get the skateboarder to leave.