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Law roundup: Man tries to assault people with knife

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 10, 2021 12:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department responded to a report of a tall man who allegedly climbed someone’s fence and tried to stab two people with a knife that had a 6-inch blade. One of the victims told officers they were cut, but were lucky they had pepper spray, and were heading to a gas station by Rails to Trails at the intersection of Appleway Drive and North Meridian Road. The man was taken to jail.

An argument got heated between two employees when one of them reportedly threw spices and sauces at the other. To cap it off, he threw his knife across the room.

A restaurant customer decided to pass the time by messing with a gun on the table. He reportedly refused to put the gun away when asked and employees wanted him removed from the premises.

A young teen reportedly pushed his sister during an argument and her 18-year-old boyfriend slammed his head into a door and later threatened to slit his throat

A group of young men were harassing a man, pushing him and lighting fireworks.

A F350 truck parked so close to a woman’s vehicle, describing it as “tire to tire” she couldn’t get into it. A tow truck was called.

Someone reportedly went up to a Kalispell residence, rang the doorbell, dropped a container of liquid and ran away. The resident asked the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office what they should do with the liquid.

Someone in Whitefish reportedly heard one gunshot and saw vehicle headlights for about 20 minutes and thought it might be poachers.

A Columbia Falls resident thought someone was in the basement after hearing a crash and a cough. The house was cleared.

A Kalispell man heard from a neighbor about people camping at a location and didn’t want to tell them to leave because of a past shooting in town, but changed his mind and said he had a gun and was going down there. He was instructed to let deputies handle the matter. Everyone was told to pack up and move along.