Monday, December 06, 2021

Law roundup: Woman lets 100 cats out of the bag

| November 18, 2021 12:00 AM

A woman told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office she believed her relatives were keeping more than 100 cats at their house. Animal Control promised to look into the situation.

In another cat debacle, an elderly woman said a cat got into her house and she needed assistance to get it out.

A Kalispell resident complained about an “ongoing issue” with a horse getting loose and running across their lawn.

Another horse drew someone’s attention because the horse seemed to be starving, but a sheriff’s deputy informed the caller “it is healthy and on a regular feed schedule.” The officer said, “I drove by the horse yesterday and it was eating hay.”

Someone was upset because they said they “rescued” a dog and paid for it to visit a veterinarian, but then its original owner showed up and wanted the dog back.

An officer was waved down by someone with an injured bird of prey in Bigfork.

All of the windows on a truck were “busted” in Bigfork.

A woman wanted her mother to move along because she was “outside smashing things.”

A customer in Whitefish drew an employee’s attention because she was slurring her words and smelling strongly of alcohol.

A tree caught on fire in Kalispell.

An audacious fraudster opened a credit card and started a home loan using someone else’s name.

A man said his wife was “out of control.”

A woman said her brother was “throwing things and yelling.”

An infrequent driver said the stereo was ripped out of his car sometime in the past few weeks, and a light bar was also removed from the vehicle.