Sunday, October 17, 2021

Law roundup: Neighbors upset with inattentive dog owner

| October 1, 2021 12:00 AM

A man allegedly wanted to know what he had to do to “press charges” against the owner of a barking dog in his neighborhood. According to Kalispell Police Department logs, he claimed multiple people were yelling at the dog to be quiet and the owner was at home watching TV.

A man reportedly threw beer cans and paper from a white Toyota single cab.

A man was yelling and screaming at a location, which reportedly made people uneasy.

A man allegedly broke his girlfriend’s phone and hit her dog.

A passerby claimed a heavyset man was biting and hitting himself and screaming behind a businesses sign. The passerby also found a door open at the business.

Someone wanted to pass along information about two people who were allegedly bringing drugs into the city.

Someone on the third floor of a building could hear a woman calling for help for about 10 minutes and wasn’t sure where the voice was coming from. An elderly woman in a parking lot flagged down officers and said she was locked out of the building. She safely returned to her room.

A casino employee reportedly heard glass break in the parking lot believed to be a liquor bottle thrown by a woman who ran to an SUV.

Someone allegedly woke up an intoxicated woman lying on the ground sleeping outside to ask who they could call to help her. She screamed at the person and began walking around and the person requested medical personnel check her out.

A woman in a vehicle purportedly had “an episode” and began putting on makeup.

A red-headed man was yelling and cussing at people and jumping in front of vehicles.

Someone left a Dodge Ram truck that smelled of fresh spray paint at a location and the business owner called police believing it was stolen.

A woman alleged her boyfriend kicked her. Parties were separated.

A man alleged his girlfriend slapped him and grabbed him by the back of his neck and shoulders.

A black bear was reported to the Columbia Falls Police Department after it ran across Hilltop Road.

A man who lives above a bar on Nucleus Avenue said bar patrons behind the building were “making too much noise talking,” but then they went back inside.

A man was “very upset” over a woman, and he said, “the officer that calls me better be able to explain why she wasn’t arrested.”