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Whitefish City Council candidate Judy Hessellund

by Daily Inter Lake
| October 12, 2021 12:00 AM

Judy Hessellund is one of eight candidates running for a seat on the Whitefish City Council. The others are Ben Davis, Andy Feury, Kristen Riter, Phil Boland, Vincent Dell'Omo, Giuseppe Caltabiano and Terry Petersen. Mark Owens' name also will appear on the November ballot, but he told the Daily Inter Lake he is no longer running, citing personal reasons.

Name: Judy Hessellund

Age: Declined to state.

Occupation: Real estate broker. Owner of Red Bearon Real Estate.

Background: Real estate broker since 1994. Volunteered at a shelter for battered women, and for a decade with DREAM Adaptive teaching kids with special needs how to ski.

Contact: judy.hessellund@gmail.com

Why do you want to serve on the Whitefish City Council?

It was not my decision, but people in the community who asked me. I have been on the Growth policy, which he city ignores! I was on the planning board and had people ask me why I didn't continue as I was always prepared.

How should the city address its shortage of affordable housing, while responsibly managing growth and development?

Over the years I have found, you can have affordable rentals through the public. Many people have rentals would keep the rents down to keep people in them. We did have some, but the owner died recently and the places were sold. Too many places have tried "affordable housing" and find it usully does not work! You the people of this ccommunity have a decision to make! How do you see your community? What do you want? You can stop what many see as destruction! You can make a decision! You can make a change. If we stop selling our soul, there will be affordable housing. Do you realize the CA who came here and are building like crazy and tearing history down! Is that what you want? Do you know why they are building here? First the building code in CA can be overly strict and gets riiculous! Yes, I am a third generation CA, a place I loved until they came and said now change. You can ask! I moved here in 2002. The first thing that happened was a note was in my front door to fight a subivision. And yes I did join in! We did make a difference. I have been trying to make a difference ever since. Do you care about this town and the wonderful everyday people who live here and give their time to help others. Our police and fire derpartment are awsome! They want to help and work hard to make this a safe community. You have a choice to make for where we live. Do you want people who care? I know people here who build to be part of the community and those who builds for greed! What do you want!

As a council member, how would you prioritize the implementation of the city's Climate Action Plan?

You need to explain your idea of climate action. Climate change. Who is pushing this couldn't find anything under the city. I am sorry I had to laugh! Studied geology in earthquake country! We have a tendency to think we can change nature. There are somethings we can do, but too many times we go overboard. I haven't seen the CAP. One quick example, did you know the Antarctica is growing on one side and shrinking on the other. Do you know sometimes we do more damage! Do you know in 1976, they told us there was only enoigh gas for 10 more years. We usually only get part of the story. You have to look at the whole story. Please do that!

A measure on the November ballot will ask voters to renew Whitefish's 3% resort tax. Should the measure pass?

Can we still do that? I thought if we got too big we coundn't time to do some research. Truthfully, I haven't decided.

How should city officials continue to lead through the Covid-19 pandemic?

No - do they have the science, know the science? Will they help the community or harm the community? Things are changing quickly in that area and the people of the state made a decision. Do you really want people living in fear?

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