Sunday, September 19, 2021

Law roundup: Man gets tongue lashing for rooster complaint

by Daily Inter Lake
| September 3, 2021 12:00 AM

A woman complained to the Columbia Falls Police Department that her husband was “verbally assaulted” by a neighbor he confronted about keeping a rooster on their property.

A guy in a white truck with Trump signs allegedly peed on someone’s property. When they confronted him about it, he allegedly approached them in an aggressive way and threatened them.

Someone was concerned about the amount, and type, of fuel “a bunch of bikers” reportedly put on a large bonfire, which caused a “loud boom” and shook their house. Officers didn’t find any hazards at the Hilltop Road location.

A dog leaning from an open vehicle window on Nucleus Avenue allegedly tried to bite a passerby.

A man calling from Ninth Street was concerned about the inappropriate language going on between people playing a video game, which included his 13-year-old nephew, alleging a pedophile was talking to them. Officers advised him to block the gamer in question and to report the incident to the video game company.

An intoxicated bar patron was reportedly swearing at the bartender and yelling at customers. He continued yelling profanities as he walked to the parking lot and employees wanted him removed for the night.

A woman allegedly took soup cups — and possibly more items — from a Ninth Street deli, put them in her purse, dropped them off in a black vehicle and went back inside where she was uncooperative with someone who told her the cups were not free. The person called police, alleging the woman and a male driver had drugs in the car.

An ex-employee reportedly took a man’s car keys and threatened to smash their windshield on Ninth Street.

Kalispell Police Department continues to receive complaints about eggings. This time, a malicious group of children reportedly threw eggs at a man’s son.

An employee asked officers to retrieve a motorized bike, some beer, syringes and gauze they allegedly found in bushes.

A male reportedly barricaded himself inside his mother’s house. Officers removed him from the residence.

Someone thought it was suspicious when a newer-looking vehicle reportedly parked in front of their house; then a man and woman got out and looked at the front end where there was duct tape on the bumper, which the man wiped down.

A passerby thought officers should check on a barefoot man sitting on a curb because he seemed very out of it.

A resident lodging an animal cruelty complaint told officers they took a dog from a truck that had the windows rolled up.

Someone concerned about thefts in the area was suspicious of two people who got out of a vehicle and whistled at someone in another vehicle. The person called later to report the whistling hadn’t stopped.