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Land of the free because we are home of the brave

by Chelaine Keyser
| September 5, 2021 12:00 AM

I’ve had a hard time finding any words to describe how myself, and I’m sure many other Americans, feel right now. Today is a somber day for our country and the countless Americans who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom.

Let me just start by saying although the current administration has completely failed our men and women overseas in the most reckless way that has cost 13 marines their lives, there is nothing political about the safety and the respect of our American soldiers. No amount of failing on behalf of this administration will ever take away or tarnish the work, sacrifice and safety these brave men and women have fought for, and brought to a torn and troubled country.

Let me be clear. To all of you who are hesitant to stop what you’re doing in your day and have a good look at what happened in Kabul because it’s controversial or you don’t have enough information to speak about it — just stop. Stop posting your blissfully and seemingly unaware posts about things that don’t matter right now. Thirteen families are shattered as they receive the news that their lives are forever changed.

We as a nation need to take a big step back and think about what is happening in our country as a whole, but more specifically every American should be irate right now to know our Marines were killed in a situation that was completely avoidable.

None of this had to be this way. Their lives and their sacrifice deserve nothing less than for people to demand accountability. Not just for our leadership today, tomorrow or 10 years from now, but for ourselves as U.S. citizens every day. Free American citizens. Free to go about our days and do as we please, free to protest what we feel strongly about, free to let our kids play outside safely, free to be. We think we have it hard some days. We do not.

Where will it end? When will it stop? How far does all of this have to go before people grow a backbone and say enough.

It starts here. It starts with standing up, even when your knees shake. Speaking up in support, even when you’re the only one. This country is what it is because of the people who have gone before us, including the 13 brave men and women killed in Kabul, who ran into the fight and stood for what they believed in. Stood for freedom and the safety of our country. Lost their lives so we can sleep at night safely.

Their families deserve to see a country rise up, put stupid politics and finger-pointing aside and demand more. Their sacrifice was not in vain and we know without a doubt Americans and civilians trapped in the current situation are being protected and sheltered because of their bravery and will to fight.

We still have American citizens there. There in a country overrun by terrorists who want nothing more than to kill Americans, and innocent lives and all they stand for. We have the most powerful military in the world. The USA and its people are the leader of the free world. It’s time we start acting like it.

We are the land of the free because we are the home of the brave.

God bless America and God bless our troops.

Chelaine Keyser lives in Kalispell

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