Sunday, September 19, 2021

Law roundup: Woman ties up 911 line to report speeders

by Daily Inter Lake
| September 6, 2021 12:00 AM

A woman called 911 extremely upset over vehicles speeding on her road and someone flipping her off. She reportedly gave dispatchers an ultimatum, saying she was going to call every 15 minutes until an officer showed up at her house. True to her promise, she called back to say she wanted Kalispell Police Department officers there now. Officers counseled the woman on her treatment of dispatchers and advised her to stop calling 911 for non-life-threatening emergencies. Other bystanders were also counseled on video recording and yelling at speeding vehicles for likely making the situation worse. Information was passed on to set up a “traffic trailer.”

A man tried to chew the fat with dispatchers when he called to report eight four-wheelers driving on Main Street, but he could not tell them what exactly was wrong with their driving, just that they were loud. Then, he started talking about a woman he ran into at the grocery store, who he didn’t know, and she reportedly told him she was recently shot by her ex-boyfriend but luckily it was just a flesh wound. The man said he didn’t need an officer to call him back regarding his call, rather he just wanted the Kalispell Police Department to know “it’s getting scary out there today.”

A cook ending a work shift reportedly encountered a bald “crackhead” with a bike at the backdoor and he was talking to himself.

A woman was reportedly afraid to ride her bike under a bridge because it was the site of where she nearly ran over two men lying underneath it. She said the men had been camping out there for three months and had two children with them.

An unsupervised 5-year-old was allegedly sitting in a parked vehicle for at least 15 minutes and would “call out” every now and then. Minutes later, the person called 911 to report a woman got into the vehicle and left.

Three guys drove by someone’s house and started yelling at them. The resident requested extra patrol because they reportedly saw the same black vehicle, which had a headlight missing, at a gas station and multiple males were urinating outside of it.

Someone allegedly cut three locks to steal a generator from a trailer.

A man reportedly stole shoes and an iPod Nano a woman was selling online. The man was given a citation for theft and released.

A manager requested extra patrol around the property at night because a man was allegedly sleeping there and leaving his belongings during the day.

A man’s longboard was reportedly stolen from the back of his truck. He said the board had a graphic that looked like two upside-down trees on the bottom.

Two men were reportedly hitting each other in a park and a woman was seen on the ground. Officers counseled them on the park rules and they went their separate ways.

A woman taking care of her mother’s house told officers someone had chopped and hacked off all the flowers and plants in front of the residence. She said she saw an agency doing tree work in the area and said she would check into that.