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Law roundup: Locked out woman not a happy camper

by Daily Inter Lake
| September 14, 2021 12:00 AM

A woman reportedly was locked out of her house by someone inside. She thought the culprit might be one of her husband’s children who wasn’t too fond of her. Although she was “very unhappy” she couldn’t get her gear for a hike the next day, she was reluctant to provide Kalispell Police Department with a name.

A passerby requested a welfare check for a nicely dressed older man they saw scooting across a church lawn.

Officers responded to a woman’s report of a man she saw on camera throwing rocks at, and trying to break into, a neighbor’s house. A Taser was deployed during the incident and a van towed.

A man was rolling around, kicking himself and picking his skin under a tree. A passerby thought he was on drugs and asked police to check on his welfare. Officers advised the man of his warrants and he said he would “get some treatment for his problem.”

A man allegedly saw a neighbor he didn’t get along with, walk through a parking lot and drop a couple of screws by his vehicle in an attempt to “destroy” a tire. The man was unhappy when officers wouldn’t issue a citation because there was no evidence of intent or that a crime had been committed.

People keep ringing a woman’s doorbell between 3 and 4 a.m. and 6 and 7 a.m. and she wanted officers to look out for them.

Three men on skateboards and one man on a bicycle allegedly stood on a corner for 20 to 30 minutes exchanging items out of backpacks and had alcohol.

Two roommates called officers separately to report their vehicles were keyed in a parking lot.

A woman gave permission for someone to drive her truck and they never came back.

A woman claimed a pharmacy was “discriminating against her” because they refused to fill her expired prescriptions, saying they were expired; she said they weren’t and wanted to know what her options were.

A skinny man in his 20s allegedly stole candy and snacks.

Two men put up a “rope gate” on the side of a building and the property owner was concerned one of the men, who was pacing, was “not all there.” He wanted the men moved along and also wanted officers to tell two women walking dogs that hey were on private property.

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