Saturday, October 16, 2021

Law roundup: Florida man gets lost near library

| September 17, 2021 12:00 AM

A Florida driver called the Kalispell Police Department because he couldn’t find the library. After he left the library, he couldn’t find his car. He eventually located the vehicle in a parking lot.

A woman believed a boy stole newly purchased items, still in the bag with the receipt, out of her truck. She didn’t realize the bag had been stolen until she got home and apparently remembered seeing the boy pushing a basket in the parking lot near her truck.

A woman reportedly was “very upset about the Kalispell Kruise speeding in front of her house every Friday and Saturday night.” As her frustration mounted, she allegedly “took it out on the dispatcher.”

A homeowner finally called the KPD about two vehicles that had been parked near their residence all summer.

A woman called because a student got off a school bus and then broke a limb off the woman’s tree. The woman demanded an officer go to her house to photograph the damage.

A barefoot woman candidly told a homeowner that she had recently been released from jail and she would like a cup of coffee. The homeowner asked the woman to leave.

Someone who might not have been very familiar with bovine behavior said he was worried two loose cows might start “running around” an RV park.

A woman believed she left her purse at a Kalispell coffeeshop, and then her credit card was used in Columbia Falls and St. Mary.

A stolen vehicle was driven through a fence on private property and abandoned in an embankment. The property owner called the police to get the vehicle towed off the property.