Sunday, October 17, 2021

Law roundup: Officers collect 'bag of tricks'

| September 21, 2021 12:00 AM

A woman found a suspicious bag next to her fence that contained a work badge, duct tape and box cutters and thought it may be related to an incident she heard about. She told the Kalispell Police Department she would leave it in a garbage bag on her porch for officers to pick up. Officers reported having “his bag of tricks.”

An ornery man pocket-dialed 911 while at work and told dispatchers he didn’t have an emergency and refused to give his name. Dispatchers advised him law enforcement would check in with him and he reportedly said, “OK, I will be just as rude to them.”

Someone purportedly had a gut feeling that two men sitting in a multicolored pickup for 30 minutes in a store parking lot were “about to do something.”

A man outside a location was “screaming at the top of his lungs” and swearing at someone whose door he was knocking on. The man was taken to the hospital for a voluntary evaluation.

A woman, who had been drinking, claimed her husband pushed her, yelled at her and threw things, so she locked herself in the bathroom. The incident allegedly started with an argument about missing phones and vitamins. Both parties refused to leave the location for the night but went into separate rooms. She called again later alleging he forced his way into her room to get his cologne, and in the process, threw her perfumes in the sink. He was then heard throwing dishes in another room.

A strange man reportedly parked a white van illegally in front of a fire hydrant and a resident called officers, saying the van doors were left wide open and a woman was crying inside. Both the man and woman were carrying what looked like books from the van and a dog went into the woman’s yard.

Someone went outside to find a window smashed on a vehicle that had been parked there for under three hours.

A manager was threatened by a customer.

A mattress and blanket were found by recycling bins located on the east side of a building. Extra patrol was requested over the weekends.

A transient was reportedly living and leaving belongings in some bushes near a business, which made someone, who cleaned the building, uncomfortable. They asked if officers could keep checking the location until he returned, so they could move him along.

Someone calling from U.S. 2 West reported finding bear scat on Rails to Trails.

A mother alleged her children were exposed to marijuana smoke because they smelled like the drug when she picked them up from their father’s residence, and she wanted it documented.

Transients were reportedly being loud in front of a casino and yelled at a boy riding a bicycle. An employee thought they might be drinking. Officers moved two men along.

Someone heard neighbors, possibly two men, arguing and shoving each other in the street. The incident turned out to be a verbal disturbance between co-workers.

Between nine and 12 trucks were allegedly driving recklessly and cutting vehicles off.

A grandparent called police to report a pregnant relative’s ex-boyfriend allegedly strangled her.

A man with a dog reportedly threatened to punch someone.

Two Montana Highway Patrol officers were on the scene regarding an incident where a PT Cruiser was weaving through traffic lanes, speeding and blowing through a light.