Sunday, October 17, 2021

Law roundup: Large clowder takes hold of area

| September 23, 2021 12:00 AM

A man voiced his concern about the “excessive amount” of stray cats in the area to the Kalispell Police Department and wanted to talk with animal control about it. He was advised there are no regulations for cats in the city and to possibly speak with the shelter about bringing them in.

An assistant store manager asked officers to move along a fifth-wheel camper and a white box truck that had been parked there for two to three days. The Kalispell Police Department advised the owner of the camper that he couldn’t camp there. He claimed he was “just doing some shopping.”

A man wearing an olive shirt and pants reportedly parked himself on a woman’s porch and started complaining about law enforcement. He began messing around with a barbecue grill and throwing things at her window. He then tried to gain entry through the window and yelled at her before running down Fifth Street West. The frustrated woman wanted officers to ban him from going onto the property.

A man with a ponytail and big beard allegedly went around a casino asking women for sexual favors, almost causing a couple of fights, according to an employee. The man moved along.

Someone claimed a 6-month-old puppy had been locked in a car parked in front of a trailer park for three days. They said the puppy just stares out the windows, which were cracked.

A customer who had banked at a location “forever” was quite concerned after seeing doors open that wouldn’t lock and no employees around. The interior doors, however, were locked.

A welfare check was requested for a man wearing a green polo shirt, who allegedly was acting oddly when he was seen picking up rocks and throwing them on the ground, hitting tree branches and peeing into a plastic bag.

A man refused to leave a location, started a small fire and then threatened to physically harm an Evergreen business owner if he didn’t get off the phone.

Someone claimed they had to run off a woman who kept going into an apartment lobby and scaring tenants, but couldn’t say how exactly she scared them.

A woman wearing a black and white winter jacket allegedly threatened to cut a motel manager and started pulling something from her bag, but he didn’t see if it was a knife before she walked away.

A man reportedly punched his wife in the throat during an argument about the TV being shut off.

A salon owner reportedly punched a man after the man confronted them about giving his girlfriend bags to clean up dog poop in a city parking lot, then refused to leave when asked; instead the man followed the owner to the back while continuing to argue.

A front desk employee received a call from a guest who allegedly heard a woman screaming, things slamming against a wall and a man sitting on the stairs. Parties were separated.

An unsupervised 10-year-old was riding a dirtbike without protective gear.

A parent wanted to know the legality of school staff allegedly confiscating his daughter’s phone and making her enter her password so they could check the phone’s history.

A resident complained about small children regularly playing in the road and that one of them almost got hit by a vehicle. The street was marked for extra patrol.

Someone heard banging and screaming between a man and woman in a driveway and someone yelling they would kill the other. The person calling in the report said the disturbances were an ongoing issue, however, this was the worst one yet. Parties agreed to stay away from each other and the incident disturbance was verbal only.

Someone reported their stimulus check was stolen in the mail.

A pistol was found lying on a roundabout. It was picked up for safekeeping.