Sunday, October 17, 2021

Law roundup: Woman goes cuckoo over birdhouse crafter

| September 30, 2021 12:00 AM

A woman was so upset to see a man outside making birdhouses that she called officers claiming he was damaging the city bench he was sitting on. A Kalispell Police Department officer made contact with the man and deemed he was not causing damage to city property and she was more upset about his presence. She was counseled.

An employee reportedly was going to ask a man wearing a bright yellow raincoat to leave a location, but decided to call officers instead when he saw him holding a sheathed machete. Officers moved him along.

A mother wanted an officer to call her back regarding someone reportedly showing up at her house and telling her daughter that their internet “was leaking.” The daughter did not let anyone into the house.

A man in a green hoodie and red shorts allegedly jumped on the hood of someone’s truck and then slammed into the side of it before walking toward a black car in a parking lot. The driver couldn’t tell if the man was intoxicated, but he started chasing the truck as they drove backward through the lot.

A resident complained a man had been camping out on their doorstep for the past few nights, and on this particular morning, the porch smelled strongly of urine. They requested extra patrol around the property.

A property owner complained about revving engines and squealing tires coming from vehicles parked in a nearby lot; the vehicles then raced southbound on Main Street. The owner asked for extra patrol on Friday and Saturday nights to discourage the behavior and “let people who sleep in that area, sleep.”

An employee allegedly was taking money out of a resident’s account by forging their name and making checks out to her boyfriend.

A mother reportedly refused to leave her daughter’s apartment and then pushed her.

A man and a woman in a vehicle pulled into a woman’s driveway and were fighting and arguing. The man got out and was yelling, screaming and threatening to “blow their (expletive) heads off.”

Someone reportedly told officers a bunch of kids in a red pickup knocked over a man who was carrying crutches. The man screamed at the kids and said they ran over his crutches.

A woman believed someone placed a wire tap in her home and claimed it had been there for a year and wanted officers to check it out.

A gray Crown Victoria purportedly was fishtailing someone in a big box parking lot on purpose.

Someone asked officers to check on the welfare of a person they saw wrapped in a blue blanket and slumped over on the side of the highway for nearly two hours.