Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Law Roundup: Man has TV forensic show expectations

| April 20, 2022 12:00 AM

A Bigfork man may be watching too many forensic and crime dramas on TV when he reportedly expected Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to do some kind of forensic investigation on a picture on his phone because he thought it was a fake photo and didn’t look like what someone told him. He said if the photo was “false” he believed it would be a felony. He was advised that’s not a service law enforcement offers like they do on TV and could take his phone to a private party. He said, OK, goodbye.

Four dogs on the lam in Columbia Falls were allegedly chasing cars and then turned their sights on running after a postal worker. The worker told deputies they were able to get away safely but were worried they would have to run past the dogs again shortly. It was apparently a daily occurrence where the dogs leave their property to chase cars.

A woman calling from Columbia Falls reportedly found a bunch of used catheter bags along Hodgson Road and on her property. She said this was the second time its happened.

A man in Bigfork allegedly found two guns inside his home, one registered to him and the other one, he didn’t know where it came from.

Whitefish Police Department received a call from a woman who said she needed help, claiming her boyfriend was “going insane” and dumping things in the toilet.

Someone called officers with questions about driving golf cars around the city. Officers suggested he contact City Hall.

A property manager reportedly found a loaded revolver in a condo where the former tenants said it wasn’t theirs.

Officers counseled a man who allegedly followed a woman walking her dog, yelled at her and then “jumped at” the canine before going into a public bathroom.

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