Saturday, May 21, 2022

Law roundup: Washed checks still not clean of fraud

| April 27, 2022 12:00 AM

Three washed checks cashed at a location remained dirty to an account manager who called the Kalispell Police Department to report the fraudulent activity.

Someone allegedly broke into a modular unit and left behind drug paraphernalia, but that’s not all. To add insult to injury the person used the unplumbed toilets.

Someone barked about an ongoing issue of a small dog with a pink collar sleeping in the backyard around the neighborhood.

“White crystal stuff,” a straw and lighter were reportedly found in the employee bathroom by store security.

A woman was loitering in front of a grocery store, flailing her arms and singing. She was reportedly flagged for being anti-law enforcement and a neighboring county refused to extradite her to their detention center because there was no room.

Tools were reported stolen out of a man’s truck.

A resident reportedly complained to the Whitefish Police Department about hearing footsteps and random banging in a neighboring unit.

A property manager called officers wanting to know if she could trim an apple tree on the property line because of the pounds of apples that fall each year. She said she couldn’t get a hold of the other property owner.

Two calls came in from separate businesses about intoxicated patrons driving home.

A pedestrian was purportedly almost struck by a bicyclist on a sidewalk.

Girl's underwear was allegedly found next to a playground and a passerby wanted law enforcement aware of it in case anything suspicious occurred.

A vehicle with out-of-state license plates allegedly parked in a no-parking zone.