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Legals for August, 22 2022

| August 22, 2022 12:00 AM

No. 28803 NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: 1. Property. This Notice concerns the following described real property (the "Property") located in Flathead County, Montana: 2. Trust Indenture. The Grantor named below executed and delivered to the Beneficiary named below a Deed of Trust (hereinafter the "Trust Indenture"), which is a trust indenture under the Small Tract Financing Act of Montana, §§ 71-1-301, et seq., M.C.A., covering the Property. The Trust Indenture is described as follows: Date: October 20, 2010 Grantor: Christina Lee Ost Original Trustee: C. Mark Hash Beneficiary: Glacier Bank recorded in the records of Flathead County, Montana, on October 25, 2010, as Document No. 201000024530. 3. Note. The above-referenced Trust Indenture was given to secure payment of a Promissory Note in the original principal amount of $101,625.72 owing by Richard Hayes and Christina Lee-Ost Hayes (the "Borrowers") to the Beneficiary. The Promissory Note is dated the same date as the Trust Indenture and was amended on one or more occasions by agreement of the Beneficiary and the Borrowers. 4. Substitute Trustee. JAY T. JOHNSON, an attorney authorized to practice law in Montana, whose mailing address is P.O. Box 7370, Kalispell, Montana 59904-0370, was substituted as Trustee under the Trust Indenture by a written document recorded in the records of Flathead County, Montana recorded on March 30, 2022 as Document No. 202200008248. 5. Default. The Promissory Note and Trust Indenture are currently in default. The default consists of failure to pay monthly installments of principal and interest which were due on March 23, 2020, and the 23rd day of each succeeding month thereafter, failure to pay the property taxes assessed against the Property. 6. Amount Owing. The amount owing under the Promissory Note and Trust Indenture as of May 17, 2022 is as follows: Principal $27,395.34 Interest $ 4,882.33 Late Charges $12,001.53 Advances and other charges $ 2,223.80 Interest accrues on the principal balance at the daily rate of approximately $6.00445. Late charges are assessed at the greater of 15.00% of the regularly scheduled payment or $15.00 for each payment that is ten (10) days or more late. The total balance due on the obligation secured by the Trust Indenture is the sum of the above items, including interest and late charges to the date of payment, plus costs and expenses actually incurred by the Beneficiary, funds advanced by the Beneficiary to preserve or protect its collateral in accordance with the Trust Indenture, and reasonable trustee's and attorney's fees. 7. Acceleration. Notice is hereby given that the Beneficiary under the Trust Indenture and the undersigned Trustee have elected and do hereby elect to consider all principal and interest to be immediately due and payable in consequence of the defaults under the Promissory Note and Trust Indenture. 8. Notice of Sale. Notice is hereby given that the Beneficiary under the Trust Indenture and the undersigned Trustee hereby elect to sell or cause to be sold the Property described above to satisfy the obligation secured by the Trust Indenture. The sale will be held at the following date, time and place: Date: October 20, 2022 Time: 10:00 o'clock a.m. Place: First Floor Foyer, Flathead County Justice Center, 920 South Main Street, Kalispell, MT 59901 The undersigned Trustee will sell the Property at public auction to the highest bidder, in cash or cash equivalents (cashier's checks or certified checks), in lawful money of the United States, all payable at the time of the sale. Any person, including the Beneficiary under the Trust Indenture but excluding the Trustee, may bid at the sale. The conveyance of the Property to the purchaser will be made by Trustee's Deed without any representation or warranty, including warranty of title, express or implied. The sale is made on an as-is, where-is and with all faults basis. 9. Cure. The Grantor, or its successor in interest in the Property or any part thereof or any other person having a subordinate lien or encumbrance of record thereon or any beneficiary under a subordinate trust indenture, at any time prior to the time fixed by the Trustee for the trustee's sale, may pay to the Beneficiary or the successor in interest to the Beneficiary the entire amount then due under the terms of the Trust Indenture and the obligation secured thereby, including costs and expenses actually incurred and reasonable trustee's and attorney's fees, other than such portion of the principal as would not then be due had no default occurred and thereby cure the default. THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR PURPOSES OF COLLECTING THE DEBT. Dated: June 9, 2022. /s/ Jay T. Johnson Jay T. Johnson Substitute Trustee STATE OF MONTANA : ss County of Flathead This instrument was acknowledged before me on June 9, 2022, by JAY T. JOHNSON. /s/ Kathleen A. Burt Notary Public for the State of Montana Residing at Kalispell, Montana My Commission expires July 23, 2024 August 8, 15, 22, 2022 MNAXLP __________________________

No. 28804 MONTANA ELEVENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT, FLATHEAD COUNTY In re the Parenting of: Chanaea Guzman, Petitioner, and Christopher Chamberlain, Respondent. Cause No.: DR-22-337 AMY EDDY SUMMONS FOR PUBLICATION THE STATE OF MONTANA SENDS GREETINGS TO THE ABOVE-NAMED RESPONDENT: You, the Respondent, are hereby summoned to answer the Petition in this action, which is filed with the Clerk of this Court, a copy of which is herewith served upon you, and to file your answer and serve a copy thereof upon the Petitioner within twenty-one (21) days after service of this Summons, exclusive of the day of service: and in case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the Petition. This action is bought to Christopher Chamberlain. Title to and interest in the following real property will be involved in this action: Ezekiel Guzman, Parenting Plan. Dated this 2 day of August, 2022 /s/ PEG L ALLISON Clerk of Court BY: /s/ MICHELLE DAVIS Deputy Clerk August 8, 15, 22, 2022 MNAXLP __________________________

No. 28832 NOTICE OF SALE Department of Natural Resources & Conservation Timber Sale The Ashley Schoolhouse Timber Sale is located within Sections 8 & 16, T27N-R23W on the State's Kalispell Unit. Approximately 15,790 tons, consisting of mixed conifer sawlogs, are offered for sale. Sealed bids will be opened at the Department of Natural Resources & Conservation, 2705 Spurgin Road, Missoula, Montana on September 20, 2022 at 2:00 p.m. Bids may be hand delivered or mailed and will be accepted any time prior to the bid opening. DNRC recommends that bidders contact the Trust Land Management Division (406-542-4300) prior to the bid opening to ensure that your bid has been received. Bids must be accompanied by a deposit of $25,382.00, representing 5% of the minimum bid value of the sale in cashier's check, certified check, bank money order or bank draft to be applied to the first sale invoice for the successful bidder. Bid bonds will be accepted and, for the successful bidder, will be closed upon execution of the Timber Sale Contract and Timber Sale Bond. The sale will be awarded to the highest responsible bidder. If the successful bidder is unable to execute the contract within 30 calendar days from the date the sale is awarded, the bid deposit will be retained by the Department as liquidated damages. The right is reserved to reject any or all bids. Prospective bidders can obtain the sale prospectus, sale contract and bid forms from the Department of Natural Resources & Conservation, Trust Land Management Division, in Missoula (406-542-4300). Visit our website at for upcoming sales and bid results. August 22, 29, September 5, 12, 2022 MNAXLP __________________________

No. 28843 Kalispell Public Schools Kalispell, Montana Request for Qualifications - Architecture PUBLIC NOTICE REQUEST FOR ARCHITECTURE QUALIFICATIONS KALISPELL PUBLIC SCHOOLS The Board of Trustees, Kalispell Public Schools, Kalispell, Montana is requesting proposals an Architecture firm to provide Architectural detailing to support the Engineering team with the replacement of plumbing fixtures and domestic water piping throughout (3) schools. The intent of this project is to remove and replace any lead containing materials within the drinking water system. The scope of work will include supporting the engineering team by working through the detailing of removing and replacing building materials such as sheet rock in walls and ceilings and replacing them with like finishes. This applies to Flathead High School, Glacier High School and Hedges Elementary. Further information concerning this Request for Proposals and proposal submission requirements is available from Denise Williams, Director of Business Services, Administration Office, 233 1st Avenue East, Kalispell, Montana 59901 (406) 751-3412. To be considered, proposals must be directly submitted to Denise Williams, Director of Business Services, Kalispell Public Schools, 233 1st Avenue East, Kalispell, MT 59901 no later than 2:00 p.m. (local time), Wednesday, September 7, 2022. All proposals must be plainly marked "Architectural Services for Lead Project" and no faxed or e-mailed proposals will be accepted. This Request for Proposals does not commit the Board of Trustees for Kalispell Public Schools to enter into any agreement, or to pay any expenses incurred in the preparation of any response to this request, or to ultimately procure any contract for the provision of these services. The Board of Trustees expressly reserves the right to waive any formalities and to reject any or all proposals. Denise Williams Director of Business Services Kalispell Public Schools 233 1st Avenue East Kalispell, MT. 59901 August 22, 29, 2022 MNAXLP __________________________

No. 28839 Opportunity to Object the Round Star Project The Flathead National Forest, Tally Lake Ranger District, has prepared an environmental assessment and draft decision notice and finding of no significant impact for the Round Star Project. The project area is located on the northwest side of the Flathead Valley, on the Tally Lake Ranger District. The project would reduce tree densities and fuel loadings within the wildland-urban interface, diversify plant and tree communities, provide a mix of forest products for local economies, and expand recreation opportunities in the Round Meadow Cross-Country Ski Area. The EA and draft DN/FONSI are available on-line at: These documents are also available for review at the Flathead National Forest, Tally Lake Ranger District Office. Additional information can be obtained from: Kira Powell, Project Leader at (406)758-3508 or The Round Star Project is subject to the objection process pursuant to 36 CFR 218, subparts A and B. How to file an Objection and Timeframe Written objections must be submitted within 45 calendar days following the publication date of this notice in the Daily Inter Lake. The publication date in the newspaper of record is the exclusive means for calculating the time to file an objection. Those wishing to object should not rely upon dates or timeframe information provided by any other source. The regulations prohibit extending the time to file an objection. Objections will be accepted only from those who have previously submitted specific written comments regarding the proposed project during scoping or other designated opportunity for public comment. Issues raised in objections must be based on previously submitted timely, specific written comments regarding the proposed project unless based on new information arising after designated comment opportunities §218.8(c). The objection must contain the minimum content requirements specified in §218.8(d) and incorporation of documents by reference is permitted only as provided in §218.8(b). It is the objector's responsibility to ensure timely filing of a written objection with the reviewing officer pursuant to §218.9. All objections are available for public inspection during and after the objection process. Electronic objection submissions can be submitted at: Electronic objections and supporting information must be submitted in an acceptable format such as an email message, .PDF or Word (.docx or .xlsx). The following address should be used for the objections submitted by regular mail: to Objection Reviewing Officer, USDA Forest Service, Northern Region, 26 Fort Missoula Road, Missoula, MT 59804. Objections can also be faxed to (406) 329-3411. Address faxes to "Objection Reviewing Officer" in the fax cover sheet. Hand delivery objections can be received Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., excluding holidays at USDA Forest Service, 26 Fort Missoula Road, Missoula, MT 59804. Names and contact information submitted with objections will become part of the public record and may be released under the Freedom of Information Act. The USDA Forest Service is an equal opportunity provider and employer. August 22, 2022 MNAXLP __________________________

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