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Columbia Falls wins Frenchtown Invitational speech tourney.

by Daily Inter Lake
| December 9, 2022 12:00 AM

The Columbia Falls High School speech and debate team topped the competition at the Frenchtown Invitational Dec. 3.

The team amassed 179 points overall for the win followed by Frenchtown in second place with 74 points. Whitefish High School placed fourth with 37 points behind Corvallis in third with 41 points.

Class AA junior varsity teammembers from Flathead and Glacier high schools also competed. Glacier earned 65 points overall to win the Class AA division. Flathead scored 41 points.

Following are individual results.

Humorous Interpretation

1 Makinzie Taylor, Columbia Falls

6 Robert Knowles, Glacier

Dramatic Interpretation

2 Noel Cantrell, Glacier

4 Hadley Dennison, Flathead

6 Tovar Rodriguez, Flathead

Duo Interpretation

1 Lucas Counts and Zack Tillman, Columbia Falls

2 Isabelle McKoy and Isabel Presnell, Glacier

Original Oratory

6 Gabby Crozier, Glacier

8 Isabelle McKoy, Glacier

Informative Speaking

1 Carson Settles, Columbia Falls

4 Ben Colby, Glacier

6 Ruby Davis, Columbia Falls

7 Katie Clark, Glacier

Extemporaneous Speaking

1 Jake Milone, Flathead

2 Sophia Petioni, Columbia Falls

3 Boden Swanson, Flathead

6 Kai Cole, Columbia Falls

7 Colton Little, Columbia Falls

Impromptu Speaking

6 Thomas Bertram, Flathead

8 B Poitra, Flathead

Memorized Public Address

2 Eleanor Smiley, Columbia Falls

4 Robyn Maddux, Columbia Falls

5 Tregan Blades, Glacier

6 Calvin Casey, Glacier

7 Marygrace Knuffke, Glacier

Policy Debate

1 Eleanor Hollingsworth and Kynsleigh Gould, Columbia Falls

2 Julianna MacPherson and Ava Prezeau, Columbia Falls

5 Marlo Carpenter and Sam Syverson, Glacier

8 Lauren Rogers and Boone Shanks, Columbia Falls

Public Forum Debate

1 Aiden Rohn and Brayden Crawford, Columbia Falls

5 Logan Emerson and Quinn Caudle, Columbia Falls

7 Monika Mendoza Stecka and Joseph Denny, Glacier

8 Rebecca Vosen and Elle Sauer, Flathead

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

2 Celestine Young, Columbia Falls

3 Eddie Chisholm, Columbia Falls

6 Melody McNally, Columbia Falls

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