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Letters to the editor Jan. 15

| January 15, 2022 12:00 AM

Boogie man of the Wild West

The letter on Dec 9 regarding constitutional carry “The Wild West” shows the public’s lack of understanding of the laws of our state and lack of understanding of what the new law allows.

This is dangerous in that the public perception is based on misinformation and lies perpetuated by those who want to take away our rights.

The new law passed on Feb. 19, 2021 (HB102) allows law-abiding Montana gun owners to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense throughout the state without written authorization from the government.

There are limitations. The new law also simplifies the patchwork of concealed carry laws into a single standard throughout our state. If this new law was going to start a Wild West, then why haven’t we seen it?

In fact, The Wild West has never been seen in any of the multiple states that have already passed constitutional carry. This boogie man of the Wild West has been perpetuated in every state but has been seen in none.

The new law does not allow felons or those under indictment of a felony to carry firearms. Criminals are not allowed to carry or buy handguns under Montana law. They never have been, and the new law does not allow that. This law does not increase the availability of handguns, only the right to carry.

I do encourage anyone who is wanting to carry a firearm to get training on the state laws for self-defense and where concealed carry is allowed. Most people that carry a firearm are responsible and do get training despite what others may think.

This new right to carry law increases the safety of the public by deterring crime and assaults and gives citizens who may be an easy target for criminals the right to carry the means to protect themselves.

That is what freedom is all about. And Yes, freedom can be a dangerous thing.

— William Fry, Kalispell

Climate science

In reference to Ed Berry’s recent letter, Laura Reynolds wrote that “Climate change is real” and “We have to do something.” She feels that carbon pollution is the big problem and a carbon tax would be the cure.

I can agree that the climate is changing, but then again, it has changed in one direction or another for a few thousand years. Carbon emissions whether human or natural have increased over the last few centuries. Since atmospheric carbon is such a tiny percentage of greenhouse gases (water vapor is the top one by far), I would tend to deny that it has any effect on warming at all. Remember that. beginning in the 70s, global cooling was the big scare; the cause? Carbon.

Andrew Burns Atkinson’s letter was nothing more than an ad hominem attack on Ed Berry. No substance; no facts concerning climate change.

Harry Richardson’s letter was a thinly veiled ad hominem attack; also with no climate facts. He did mention an available app to identify misinformation but didn’t directly say he used it to judge Ed Berry’s research conclusions. He also assumed carbon pollution was the culprit and putting a price on it would level the playing field between fossil fuels and renewables. He also is concerned with air pollution, as are we all. It should be mentioned that auto pollution has decreased tremendously in the last several decades as did other forms of pollution.

It strikes me that while Ed Berry has a Ph.D. in atmospherics and indeed this subject has been his main focus since the mid-sixties, none of the letter writers has claimed expertise in this discipline.

There are thousands of climate scientists who agree with Berry’s basic conclusions. No crisis needing a cure here!

— Gary Goers, Kalispell

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