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Hole-in-one highlights second day of Earl Hunt tourney

Sports Reporter | July 1, 2022 10:35 PM

WHITEFISH – The beauty of the Flathead Valley was on full display as blue skies and crystal clear views of Big Mountain set the tone for round two of the 86th annual Earl Hunt 4th of July golf tournament Friday at Whitefish Lake Golf Club.

A hole-in-one by Florida State alumni Drew Kittleson on hole 14 using a six iron was the talk of the town as both competitors and spectators marveled at the accomplishment. Kittleson fired a 68 and sits two strokes off the leader, Drew Stoltz.

“It was crazy," said two-time tournament champion Andrew Medley of Scottsdale, who was competing in the event for the 10th time and is currently sitting in 11th place through round two. "Every year gets better and better."

Stoltz also carded a 68, and Joey Moore is one stroke behind in second. In seventh, Joey Lawrence shot the lowest round of the day, a 66.

Defending women’s champion Jasi Acharya extended her lead to eight strokes with a 76. Cora Rosanova shot a 75 to move into second place, and Teigan Avery’s 78 put her into third.

Despite near perfect conditions throughout the tournament, the grounds crew had to overcome the challenges provided by the unusual amount of late spring rain and snow the Flathead Valley received this year.

"May and June weather was a concern, but hats off to our ground crew for being a bunch of professionals and getting the course in excellent condition," Tim Olson, the club’s head golf professional, said.

Olson notes the "playing conditions are maybe as good as they can possibly get."

Golfers from around Montana as well as Alberta, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Nevada, North Carolina, Texas, and Utah made the trip for this year’s tournament.

"The event serves as a great way to show off Whitefish and our golf course," Olson said.

Olson credited this year's field of golfers as being extremely talented with experience ranging from players with professional experience, current college athletes, and former highschool stars.

Despite the competitive nature, Olson said the tournament “turns into somewhat of a family reunion where people gather once per year.”

Which was the perfect way to describe the atmosphere on day two of the tournament, where there was no shortage of handshakes, hugs, smiles and warm greetings between those in attendance making it an excellent way to tee off the holiday weekend in style.

The final day of the tournament is today, with tee-times starting at 7:20 a.m. Men will take the North Course, women the South Course.

86th Earl Hunt Memorial 4th of July golf


Round 2


Championship flight

Drew Stoltz (Scottsdale, AZ) 67-68—135

Joey Moore (Billings) 67-69–136

Drew Kittleson (Scottsdale) 69-68—137

Kade McDonough (Missoula) 67-72—139

Byron Olson (Houston) 70-72—142

Jason Johnstone (Scottsdale, AZ) 71-71—142

Riley Lawrence (Helena) 78-66—144

Liam Clancy (Billings) 72-72—144

Joe Wagner (Whitefish) 71-73—144

Justin Dorr (Spokane) 72-73—145

Andrew Medley (Scottsdale, AZ) 68-77—145

Joey Lovell (Bozeman) 68-78—146

Oscar Maxfield (Salt Lake City) 73-74—147

Kyle Mossfeldt (Calgary) 76-71—147

Dan Conkling (Whitefish) 69-78—147

First flight

Shawn Tucker (Whitefish) 71-73–144

Spencer Williams (Helena) 69-76–145

Tyler Avery (Kalispell) 74-73—147

Scott Friggle (Round Rock, Texas) 80-69—149

Arthur Doorn (Whitefish) 73-76—149

Second flight

Ryan Santa (Kalispell) 74-75—149

Brock Robillard (Calgary) 81-70—151

Jarek Shepherd (Conrad) 76-76—152

Tim Kiley (Kalispell) 75-79—154

Josh Dellinger (Columbia Falls) 75-79—154

Third flight

Brad Cox (Whitefish) 74-80—155

Kelly Kolstad (Seattle) 77-82—159

Doug Honkamp (Cave Creek, AZ) 87-76—163

Jeff Fairlee (Parker, AZ) 83-81–164

Noah Wolf (Carlsbad, CA) 83-82–165


Championship flight

Bill Dunn (Missoula) 71-74—145

Brad Grattan (Whitefish) 77-75—152

Gene Walsh (Whitefish) 79-77—156

Gregory Hertzer (Whitefish) 80-76—156

Ron Rambacher (Missoula) 80-77—157

First flight

Andy Briedenbach (Sammamish, WA) 82-79—161

Kirk Bennett (Lakeville, MN) 80-84–164

John Brubaker (Whitefish) 84-81—165

John Rottger (Lethbridge, AB, CA) 84-82—166

Tom Shea (Kalispell) 86-80—166


Championship flight

Jasi Acharya (Carver, MN) 72-76—148

Cora Rosanova (Bozeman) 81-75—156

Teigan Avery (Kalispell) 79-78—157

Emma Woods (Fairfield) 77-81—158

Morgan O’Neil (Laurel) 77-85—162

Hannah Rosanova (Bozeman) 80-82—162

Tricia Joyce 79-83—162

Kinsey Irvin (Lewistown) 82-81—163

Jordan Briggs (Livermore, BC, CA) 84-79—163

Shealyn Hafer (Missoula) 85-79—164

Marcella Mercer (Kalispell) 83-84—167

Bella Johnson (Billings) 87-85—172

Cathie Tronson (Great Falls) 88-85—173

Kenzie Walsh (Billings) 92-83—174

First flight

Marcy Holt (Spokane) 75-79—154

Shelby DeVore (San Antonio, TX) 83-80—163

Karen Jacobson (Whitefish) 85-82—167

Stella Claridge (Kalispell) 84-84—168

Bobbie Lacklen (Libby) 86-84–170

Kathy Dodd (Whitefish) 87-87–174

Lauren Mayala (Billings) 91-84—175

Linda Ray (Whitefish) 86-90—176

Rebecca Washington (Billings) 87-91—178

Trina Diehl (Kalispell) 91-88—179

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